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Monday, September 30, 2013

Armor of God Youth Activity Idea

In the past few weeks I have been called to work with our local youth.  Each week we hold an activity using the values and teaching of our faith.  A few weeks ago our youth group held and activity called "Putting on the Armor of God". WE decided that this topic was important for all to hear so we teamed up with the boys to make the activity a little more exciting. Here is how it all went down!
We started by announcing the activity was coming up with giving them no clue as to what the activity was.  We only said don't wear your nice clothing. Just stuff you didn't care about getting dirty. 
Next we gathered the supplies we needed. 
Duct tape
scissors or box cutters
several bags of water balloons (1 bag per leader)
We gathered boxes for weeks. Check out your local stores for empty boxes they are throwing away. (Lowes or Home Depot work great. the bigger the boxes the better)
Prior to your activity, plan an small obstacle course that your youth will have to get through. We just did yours through the parking lot. Have stations for your leaders to be standing.
When the youth arrive tell them they have 20-30 minutes to make themselves an armor. This is where you youth can get creative and build there armor however they want. They can ask for help or work together but each one needs there own armor using only cardboard and duct tape. They boys will love this part and some of the girls too!

Once time is up take all of them out and line them up.  When its time have them go through the obstacle course as fast or as slow as they like. All the while the adversary (leaders) will be trying to pelt them with water balloons, hoses or squirt guns. He who stays the driest wins!

Afterwards we had the youth remove there armor and dispose of it.  We met back in the church for a discussion about putting on the whole armor of God and why all the parts of the armor are important right down to the duct tape.
Our youth loved this activity and the message that was shared.  A great activity that was fun and had a purpose!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Corn Cutting Tips

The other day a neighbor asked if I was interested in making freezer corn.  I was thrilled. So we went out to here garden at 6:30 in the morning and picked 230 ears of corn and headed home. While talking about the best way to cut it off the cob we looked at several corn cob cutters online.  After doing a little research we decided the one that would work the best was unavailable in our area. So we did the next best thing.  We used what we had and it worked great!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cheesy Chicken & Corn Chowder

A few weeks ago I spent the afternoon preparing and freezing corn.  I was able to get 12 quart bags of corn.  Yummy! I decided to find a great chowder recipe for my sweet corn. I found a few that looked good but not exactly what I wanted. So that means I make up my own.  I wanted mine to have lots of veggies, meat and cheese.  So I came up with this chowder that was delicious and filling.  Add a a slice of my fresh homemade wheat bread and you have the perfect meal on a cold day. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Maple & Brown Sugar Applesauce {Blender Style}

Apple Season is just about here. I love drying, juicing and saucing them.  My kids love to head to grandma's house and pick bushels of them to eat. So this year while canning with my buddies we decide to make Maple Brown Sugar Blender Applesauce.  
This apple sauce is so easy to make.  Here is how we made it.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Love Me Pretty {Creativity}

A few weeks ago I shared this post over at Flats to Flip Flops.  The theme for the month was "Pretty me". basically different bloggers shared what made them feel pretty.  Here the post I shared.  For more on Ashley's Pretty Me Series check out her blog.
When most people think of  "pretty me" they probably think of fashion or self image. Over the course of the month you have read  about women who are promoting positive self image, taking care of your body, positive affirmations, motherhood and more to feel pretty. For me, some of that is true. But even more for me is the the feeling I get from Creating.  It gives me a sense of self worth and a feeling of accomplishment.

As someone who creates I don't hold myself to just one medium.  I love creating on my computer, in the kitchen and my sewing machine. I create for the joy of creating and the solace of my thoughts when I create. When I create I feel my heart and my soul come together to make something beautiful! A calmness comes over me and I feel amazing!
A few of my creations!
Even as a child I would sit up to my moms sewing machine and make doll clothes, pillowcases, and drawstring bags for fun. For extra income my mother would make porcelain dolls.  She did everything, sewing bodies and dresses, pouring the molds and painting the faces.  You could usually find me stuffing bodies and wiring arms and legs to the bodies. 
As time has gone by I have have jumped from one thing to another. But always felt that need to create.
"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the Human soul." D. Uchtdorf

Do you feel it to?  Your need to create may not be the same as mine but the need is there.  Watch the video below.  I don't think anyone could put my feelings to words better.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

LDS Youth Cirriculum Thank you Ideas

With the new youth Curriculum in the LDS Church, the youth are asked to teach a lesson one Sunday  Month if possible.  In my Presidency we decided a Thank you was in order.  Planning these lessons take time and planning.  We appreciate all the girls who plan and share there lessons.  So I came up with this cute thank you card paired with a yummy candy bar.

Another thing our youth are expected to do is speak in church during sacrament meeting.  We rotate through our youth.  Every week there is one girl and one boy. So in our ward the girls speak at least twice a year some more.  So as a small thank you I made this Easy printable with two choices.  Each one is paired with a mini candy bar.  Make up a bunch with a few different choices of candy bars. (Pick up a few extra bags of candy at Halloween)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Trick or Treat..Smell my Feet Free Printable

Its that time of the month again Time for me to team up with my amazing blogger friends to bring you our round up of the month.  This months theme is Black and White. These lovely ladies have come up with some amazing projects just for you. Come check out what we came up with!
 Emily of The Benson Street 
 Adrienne of Free Time Frolics
 Rebecca of The Crafted Sparrow
 Andie of Maybe I Will
 Melissa of Hollyhocks & Honeybees
 Candice of She's Crafty 
 Kaylnn of Among the Young
Do you just love them?  So many great ideas to try. And so well rounded.  You have it all. Projects, fashion, printable and food! You are sure to find at least a few great ideas to suit your fancy. With that said today I am sharing my free Trick or treat printable. A great little printable for you to print and use to decorate your mantle, doorway or table for Halloween this year.

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