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Monday, January 7, 2013

Poinsettia Hair Flower

For Christmas in 2012 I made my little miss a Knock off Anthropologie lace skirt. I wanted to add a little more drama so I came up with this Poinsettia hair flower.  It added color and a little more Christmas spirit.  Nothing says Christmas little a Poinsettia, right???

It is simple, beautiful and added a bit of elegance to her outfit.

For the DIY Tutorial Link Here

For my Diy Lace Skirt check back later this week!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Flower Clusters DIY

Have you seen all those beautiful flower clusters people wear in there hair?  I for one love them but not there expense.  Beautiful flowers with frills and feathers.  There are lots of tutorials out there for fabric flowers.  Most of them are pretty much the same so I won't get into that.  But to cluster them together with other things is an art.  After much trial and error I think I have learned a few things I can share so lets get started.

1. Buy satin that 100% polyester. The satin edges will burn to a nicer finish.
2. Burn the edges of your flowers before you sew them together. This gives them a more naturals fuller look.
3. Hand stitch your petals together.  No matter what any one says Hand stitching is better than hot glue.
4. Be brave and play with color combinations. You never know what will catch your eye and look great.

Start with cutting your flower petals. You will need 10 to 12 petals for each flower. Depending on how full you want them. Burn the edges of each petal. This will stop fraying and make them look more like a petal.

 Start to place your petals together. Spread them out like you are holding cards in a game.

If you need to add a stitch to the center.

Continue to add petals until you have a flower shape.  Add a few stitches to the center to secure.

 While you are securing your flower you add some beads to the center of your flower.

After adding your beads decide what you want your finished cluster. Add tulle, ribbon, lace or feathers. Cluster your flowers close together. I like to add my lace or tulle as my base of the flower cluster.  Set your flowers together and play with how you place them. sometimes I cluster my flowers are walk away for a minute to see if I still like it when I come back. Once your ready glue them with hot glue into place.   Add a clip or headband.  

These examples are made with feathers, tulle, and satin. The leaves are made with satin.  Cut in the shape of leaves and the edges are burned.

This one has a base of gathered lace with the flowers on top.  The centers of the flowers are folded satin. with pearls stitched into them. I used this one in with my little miss' Christmas skirt

Satin Flower headband www.freetimefrolics.com #hairclip

Sometimes after I have clustered my flowers I like to add vintage buttons or a few extra beads.  Theses examples are a headband and corsage sash I made for a wedding. I used rolled and ruffled flowers. 

Whatever you choose play with color combos and different textures.  You never know what will make your flower clusters perfect.

Miss Information
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