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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sherlock Holmes Costume from The Benson Street

It's Time for a Masquerade Ball!  I am so excited to share with you an amazing line up of Bloggers sharing their talents.
First up is Emily from the  Benson Street.  She is a dear friend.  I love her blog and all her amazing ideas!  Her Husband, a local teacher, always dresses up for his class.  He has done some awesome costumes in the past. I love the choice for this year.

Check out Emily's blog for m ore great ideas. Here are a few I love!
Homemade Rubik's Cube Costume Tutorial at thebensonstreet.com
Halloween Don't Eat Pete Printable at thebensonstreet.com

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rainbow Brite Costume

One afternoon I decided to share some of my childhood with my Little Miss.  We sat down together and turned on You Tube.  I decided to show her Rainbow Brite.  She fell in love, and had to watch every episode.
Later when I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween and she said Rainbow Brite.  And the search began for a Rainbow Brite costume.
Here is how I did it.

Royal Blue fabric
1/4 yard Rainbow fabric
White t shirt
Rainbow leg warmers 2 pair
yellow felt

I started by making a circle skirt and using a wide elastic from Joann's for the waist band.

I used a basic peasant shirt pattern. Instead of peasant sleeves I made a stiff flutter sleeve.

For the belt I used red for the sides and a rainbow fabric for the center.  Then added red suspender style straps.  Add a big star and you are ready to go.

Add your leg warmers to her arms and legs and she is ready to trick or treat!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{No Sew} Snake Charmer Costume, How to

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My second son defiantly beats to his own drum. For Halloween this year he wanted to be the "devil". I was not totally comfy with his choice so I sent him back to the "thinking board". After much deliberation I finally convinced him to be a Snake Charmer.  He has a small collection of stuffed snakes he got from the zoo and he enjoys teasing his sister with them.  This is by far the easiest costume.  It only took and hour to put together! Here how I did it.
Tunic shirt
baggy pants
scarf with tassels ( Go buy yourself a new scarf and let your sone use it for the day.  Its a win win!
(2) $1 store baskets
$1 store whistle or flute
1.5 yards cheap cotton fabric

Most of his costume is pretty self explanatory   For the snake basket I glues the 2 baskets together. I cut the bottom of the top basket off so the snake could go inside.I also glued a piece of ribbon around the basket seams and the top of the basket.

 I use a 1 foot piece of fishing line and tied one end to the whistle and the other to the snake.  When they play and move the flute the snake will move too.

For the Turban I watched a few you tube videos to learn how to wrap and tie it.

So that's it. Super simple.  If you ever need a quick costume you can't go wrong with this one. Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Venus Fly Trap Costume, How To..

I have 3 sons.  The two oldest love science.  We have grown all kinds of science experiments in our kitchen window.  plants, trips, sea monkeys. You name it we have probably tried it. Their favorite was the meat eating plants.  We loved to catch flies and feeding them to our Venus Fly Trap. It is amazing how the slightest of touch triggers there mouths to close. Then I saw a costume for a Venus fly trap online.  It inspired me to make his costume.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Costume - Astronaut

Here is my little Astronaut.  He loves Space.  Ever since he was 2 he has wanted to be a real astronaut.  So a few years ago I made him one.  

I started by making the white jumpsuit. With McCalls pattern #4951.

For the boots covers, hat, tech bib and wrist cuffs, I purchased colored vinyl.  I found most of mine at Hancocks fabrics.  They had a huge assortment of vinyls. I used the pattern above to make the wrist covers and boot covers.
 I kind of free handed the tech bib.  I diy button covers for the colorful buttons and I purchased real NASA patches to add to the costume.
For the had I used a basic cape hood pattern and altered it a bit.
To make him a little more astronaut I made a jet pack.  Unfortunately the 1 photo I took of it did not work. I am super bummed.  So I will have to explain a little.  Then you use your creativity to make your own. I stated with a medium rate mailing box.  I punched a hole in the top and the side.  I attached a curtain rod ring to the side and threaded clear tubing through it and then the ends of the tubing into the holes.  I also added a string of battery powered Christmas lights to the tube.  At night it looked awesome.  Then I just used house hold items to make the gadgets and gizmos on the box.
I used reflective webbing to make the box a backpack and a belt.  That way he could be seen ant night and look super cool.
I hope your Halloween costumes are coming together.  I would love to see them.  Head over to the Masquerade Ball and enter yours!!!
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Costume -Little Bo Peep

Here is my Little Bo Peep.  I dreamed of this costume from the time I knew was having a daughter.  I come from a family of Boys.  Lots and lots of them.  So having a little girl is kind of the bees knees around here.  You know the stars,moons and planets aligned kind of thing. She is my Joy and my Muse...

Little Bo Peep Costume
I wanted so badly to make her a Little Bo Peep.  Last year was the year to do it.  Her little costume was a labor of love.  I looked at a lot of pictures of  Bo peep costumes. I came up with this. 

I started with a basic peasant top.  I used my Simply Jane pattern. I just made the shirt white.

For the skirt I made a basic skirt but doubled the fabric to make it more full.  I added a little lace to fancy it up.

For the bloomers I used a basic capri of pajama pattern.  I added 3 rows of lace to the bottoms for ruffles. (Lace and fabric from Joanns)

Her crook was an after Christmas sale candy cane  I got for .25 cents. I wrapped it with white ribbon and added a large Pink bow.

Her little lamb was an after Easter sale at Target we picked up for $2.00

For her vest I used an old t shirt and cut off the arms and cut down the neck line as my pattern.  Then I used black velvet and lined it with some scrap fabric.I used some turquoise fabric and cut 2 half circles.  I gathered the half circles and pinned them to the vest. Sew vest with right sides together, leave a small opening and turn.  Top stitch the vest.  I then added small grommets for lacing.

Her bonnet was a trial and error mishap.  Made from Peltex, ribbon and underwear fabric.  I cut a basic bonnet pattern and gathered my fabric onto it.  This hat took me as long to make as the whole rest of the outfit.  It turned out to be the perfect finishing piece.

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