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Thursday, March 15, 2012

We all scream for {Ice Cream!} Felties

I love all the cute Felt food. But oh the time.   My little girl loves to play in her little kitchen.

I have seen lots of felt food tutorials. Super cute ones.  But never came across felt ice cream so here it goes..

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crap room to Craft room part 2: Ribbon Redo

Did you miss Part one of Crap room to Craft room??
 I am loving my new set up.  It makes sewing and crafting so much easier and less stressful. I get so much more done in the time I have to sew and craft.
Now onto another project to improve the room.
Oh the dreaded Ribbon dilemma...
What to do???
I have tried many methods of organization.  None seem to fit.
I found this great bin at Walmart.
It is the perfect height for a spool of ribbon. Perfect!
An the container is stackable. 
Even Better!
This ribbon was in 1 large bin with a bunch of loose ribbon on top.  I could not find anything.

Now its pretty and separated by type of ribbon.
Grosgrain, satin and specialty

Thank heavens for mini elastics.  I remember these when you had to get them from your orthodontist.  Perfect for Little Miss' hair..
And now my ribbon.

I bought these at the dollar store. 
I wrapped the ribbons around my hand and then wrapped a rubberband around them.

Now all pretty.
Next Ric Rac and trims.

Now they are all neatly wrapped and in my handy bins.  The perfect size for my shelves.  I had all kinds of Trim, Ric Rac and Pom Pom fringe.

The closet is still a little cramped. But fairly organized.  At least I know where everything is. 
And thats all that matters...Right??
Well 2 big projects down and a few more to go. 
My Crap room is becoming a Craft Room.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pot O' Gold

I started thinking about  March much to long ago.
Hoping that spring would come, I guess.
( We still have not had measurable snow this year.)    
I guess March will be a snow filled month.  But with a little {Luck}it will be warm and toasty inside.

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So back to my shelf.  I thought a Pot O' Gold would be a cute addition. 
 I found this Pot at a party store.
(This was not easy to find in the heart of Valentines season.  But they pulled one out for me.)
 Thinking this was to Blah.  I thought a little pizazz was necessary. 
 So out comes the Modge Podge and Glitter.

I stuck my hand in the pot and coated part of the pot in Modge podge.
Then sprinkled on glitter. 
Turn the post and repeat. 
I left the bottom plain so it would sit flat.

I let it dry for a bit and then touched it up with a little MP and glitter where needed.

For the gold I purchased mardi gras coins from the dollar store.
I tried to find just gold coins but they were no where to be found.
 Nothing a little spray paint can't handle.
To start I traced  the top of the pot o' gold onto a piece of paper. 
I laid coins on top of the pattern. 

The next layer was E6000 and a layer of coins stacked on top and in a little to make a pyramid type look.
I kept layering glue and coins until I reached the top.

For stability I used a grocery sack in the center to keep the coins from caving in until the glue was hard.
Let it dry over night.
Then next morning, Spray them gold.

I filled my pot with empty plastic sacks and sat eh gold on top.

Pot O' Gold

Here are the links for other projects on my mantel.
Would make an adorable center piece on a table for your St. Patricks Day Dinner or a Mantle.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vintage Post Card DIY

I made this vintage postcard for my St Patricks Day Mantel. 
Her dark hair and green bow were screaming at me.  I loved this little print.

I found the tutorial on Pintrest.
It came in the form of a video on You Tube
Not a whole lot of explanation but I figured it out.

Gel Medium
(This is really the name. Just gel medium.  The brand I found was Goldens.  It runs around $15 a jar.)
Flat, board canvas
Print you want to use.
Mine was a vintage print I found online. 
I had to open it in Photshop and flip the image so the text appeared backwards.

Modge Podge
Sponge Brush
Ink pad

Use plenty of gel medium.  Not to thick though.
You want a nice even coat on the canvas.

Lay your picture on top of the gel medium
Smoothing out the picture with your finger tips, spoon or credit card.
 From the center out to the edges.
Get out all the air bubbles.
Let dry overnight or at least 8 hours.
Thicker gel means a little longer to dry.
After your canvas has dried completely, take a wet wash cloth or sponge and wet the entire canvas.

Keep rubbing with sponge or fingertips until paper comes off completely.
You will have fibers that stay. Just keep rubbing until they all come off.
Let dry.
(*Note" If you let it dry and you still find fiber on the canvas, Just re wet in the problem spots and rub lightly. Let dry completely.)
On antother one I did teh color rubbed off too a bit.  Just don't rub to hard.  If you used enough gel medium you will be fine.

To finish I used my ink pad and rubbed the corners a bit to antique it.  Then gave it a nice coat of modge podge to seal it.  It worked perfect.

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Here is my finished canvas.
I love the way it turned out. 
It cost me maybe $4 to make, if that and I have a bunch more
gel medium for several projects.

My little girl and her dog are perfect for my mantel.
thanks for visiting.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

St. Patricks Day Decor

I have this beautiful shelf my Pappy made for me.  It is one of a kind. I love it.  He made it from a Window arch and added a crown molding shelf. It looks a lot like a Mantle but it doesn't hang over a fireplace.
 In an effort to decorate a little but not overhaul my home. (Lots of work, 4 kids you get the picture)  But I thought this would be a great place to have seasonal decorations
and not be to much for me to handle. 

So here it is. Pretty simple, but fun.

I bought the foam shamrocks at Joanns and strung them on some Twine I got from
 Pick Your Plum.
 (Love that site. The link is on the right.
 What do they have today???)

Its a freebie on my blog .
to download one of your own

Pot O' Gold Tutorial
Coming this week
Vintage Postcard
Go Here

My cute little shamrocks came from Joanns.
The iron crown was a piece I had on  a shelf.
Vintage window came from an old house. They were replacing there windows
and threw out the old ones. {SCORE}
The wreath was a vine on clearance at Michaels I bout a few years ago.  I just wrapped it into a circle and wired it together.
In total my mantel updo for St. Patty's day totaled less than $20
Fun, Simple & Cheap!
Just the way I like it. 


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