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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Princess play Capes {Riley Blake Designs}

With Christmas in July at an end I wanted to share a product from one of my favorite companies.  Riley Blake Designs. They sent me there new Super Hero and Princess cape panels to try  out and share. My little Miss is obsessed with blue right now so of course I had to make the turquoise princess cape panel.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dinosaur Quiet Time Playmat

Yesterday I posted my Lil' Traveler Race Track.  Today is the Lil' Traveler Dinosaur Play mat.  I found this post with Serving Pink Lemonade.  I love the little mat she made for traveling on the airplane or car and wanted to make one for my little guy.  I just never got around to it until I had my Race Car Mat idea.  Both of these mats are the perfect size for carrying around. Not Bulky and will keep your lil' guy occupied. Here is how I did it.  
For the Vinyl version I used the layout from Serving Pink Lemonade but used iron on transfer vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. I just picked a few colors and went for it. (Note: When buying vinyl make sure you have a piece long enough to work.) I love this method.  I just cut everything out one night while watching my favorite show and the next morning I put it together. For the back ground I use 2 fabrics. One for the sky and one for the ground using equal parts.  Just sew them together and Iron.  Then finish the instructions in the play mat tutorial.
Vinyl Version

For the felt version I followed the same method except I really like having my felt sewn on.  So I sewed mine into place instead of ironing
Felt Version
Fold them up and you are ready to go!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lil' Traveler Race Track Quiet Toy

A few months ago my in laws came into town. They brought each of my kids these little mini race cars.  Each of them pulled back a went for a short drive. They all loved them.  This gave me an idea.  Why not make a small race track to drive them on. So I started coming up with ideas on how to make it and voile here it is.  There is two way to do it.  Purchase the vinyl race track or cut one from felt and sew it onto your mat.  Here is what I did. The cars were purchased at a local place.  But you can purchase micro cars at Target and Toys R Us us as well. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lacing Boards {I Gotta Try That}

Make your own fun and educational lacing boards for your kids!
These lacing cards will definitely keep little hands busy and entertained in the car, on a plane, at restaurants, church or even while mom's trying to get dinner ready.
Lacing toy's encourage dexterity, fine motor skills, coordination and attention to detail, all while enjoying every minute of it.
I purchased the supplies at the dollar store.
A cardboard puzzle, a foam puzzle and two books with 
the really thick pages.
I started with the Disney book and cut out the board pages.
This one book will give us six lacing cards.
The foam puzzle I left alone, but I took the cardboard puzzle 
and glued the pieces so it would'nt come apart.
Next I took a sharpie and put a dot everywhere 
I wanted a hole to be.
Then we drilled a hole on every dot!
I purchased a few bright colored shoe laces
from the dollar store to lace with.
You will need a long shoelace for each board.
 That's it!
You can let the kids take it from here.
They will have countless hours of fun!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fishing Hole Roll {Made my Me. Shared with You}

Do you have a little Fisher Man or Girl in your family?  This may be the perfect toy to make for them for Christmas,  Made by Me Shared with you has an awesome tutorial to follow to make this fun toy. 
Head on over and make your own Fishing hole!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

No sew Capes { Rachel from R&R Workshop}

Hi, Free Time Frolic readers!  I'm Rachel from R & R Workshop and I'm excited to be here today! I've been wanting to make my son a cape for a couple years now. I bought some awesome superhero fabric recently and then realized his sister would probably love a cape as well. These were so simple and No-Sew! A super, easy project and it took no time at all. A Perfect gift idea for birthdays or Christmas!

You will need: 

//fabric: I used felt on one side, 
cotton on the other.
//glue gun
//pompoms or anything you want to use
to embellish the cape.


Step 1. Measure your child to know how long and wide you need the cape to be. Cut out both fabric pieces.
I didnt mind having my edges a little frayed on my fabric, but you can sew yours if you choose to.

Step 2. Place ribbon in-between the fabric, at the top of the cape.. Glue in place.

Step 3. Glue pieces together. I started at the top and went across like pictured above. Smooth down as you go so fabric will not bunch. I did a row at a time and then went back around the edges to make sure they were glued in place.

Step 4. Determine how long you need your ribbon and then glue your velcro onto the ends of your ribbon. I didn't get a picture doing this, but I'm sure you get the idea :) I chose velcro instead of tying around there neck since its a little safer.

5. Decorate the cape if you choose.  For E's, I didn't add anything to decorate since the fabric is so busy. For A's, I added pompoms on the top and at the bottom.  I bought them by the yard for a dollar or so. I loved the fun they add to her cape!

They both really loved them and played together all morning :)

For more fun ideas, you can follow R & R Workshop via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!
Thanks Rachel!  These are adorable and no sew!  I love them.  Head over to check out all the great ideas Rachel has waiting for you to find!
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