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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Put a little "Zing" in your Holiday Neighbor gift

Hostess Zinger neighbor gift via www.freetimefrolics.com #hostess #neighborgift

This year for Neighbors I have been trying to think outside the box and come up with a few new ideas.  Today I am sharing an easy one.  All you need to do is print the tag and buy a few Hostess Zingers!  Thanks Hostess for bringing Zingers Back to the stores! So bring add a little Zing to your neighbors holiday!

Friday, December 13, 2013

9 Christmas Neighbor Gift Ideas

I love neighbor gifts!  I love making them, driving them around and receiving a good unique gift.  So today I am sharing 9 neighbor gifts that have that unique factor and have a shelf life. All of them have a printable you can print off and use for personal use.  See the links below the photos to take  you to the post.  Merry Christmas and Enjoy! 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A "Simply" Wonderful Christmas with Simply Lemonade

I love Simply Lemonade.  It is one of my favorite treats. I thought it would be fun to wish my neighbors a "Simply" Wonderful Christmas.  So I made a cute tag, bought my lemonade at Sam's Club and tied them up with a bow.  Now what neighbor would not love a bottle of there own. I hope they like it!  This makes and for an easy neighbor gift and perfect for a special treat to save for later!

#simplylemonade, #neighborgift, #gift

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Mistletoe Neighbor Gift Hugs & Kisses

Today I am sharing an easy  buy at the store and print neighbor gift. I decided Mistletoe is getting the raw end of the deal these days and we need a little "Love" in the world so today's neighbor gift is send your neighbors a few more Hugs and Kisses! 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Clorox Wipes Neighbor Gift and Printable

My neighbor is a clever duck.  She came up with this adorable poem so she could give Clorox wipes for Christmas to her neighbors.  I changed a word or two and her permission to share.  I love this no bake neighbor gift idea! 
So A healthy Christmas to all, and to all a good Wipe!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wrigley's Extra Gum DIY and Printable

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and it's advertiser. #GiveExtraGum #sponsored

Do you love gum? I have since I was a kid. My Dad use to bring me home a pack of sugary grape gum everyday when I was little. Grape was my favorite. When I was 5 I had to have silver caps put on my teeth because of cavities. Probably from the grape gum every day. As I got older I changed my tune from Grape to sugar free peppermint and spearmint. Thank heavens for Wrigley's Extra Sugar free gum! Yummy, long lasting flavor that won't kill your teeth. I love this stuff. I keep one in every bag and cup holder.

So when your at your Local Walmart and grab a few packs at the check out and use some for holiday gifts, stocking stuffers or Mistletoe Kisses! Today I want to share a few ways you can create and share with Extra gum this holiday season!

For Christmas give someone special a few "Extra" Kisses

Click to print here

Use gum to decorate a dollar store frame.
Add caption

Use the gum sticks to create a a picture from the using a dollar store and some glue.

Start with yoru gum and dollar store frame.
Use Hot glue to place gum.
Flip over and trim excess gum
make a flower or accessory to trim it out.

Share a bouquet of flowers for your "Extra" special person.

For Christmas give someone special a few "Extra" Kisses

Monday, March 18, 2013

Neighborhood Bunny Hop + Printable

Today's original post was an epic fail.  Ever have those??  Well today's was a big one.  So instead I am re sharing my Neighborhood Bunny Hop.  I love holiday ideas that can involve the whole family. With spring just around the corner, it's time to get out and see your neighbors again   Here in Idaho its been a long hard winter.  I think we have gone a little crazy cooped up in the house. If your kids are like mine they will love to make and deliver a secret treat to a neighbor. Not to mention this is a fun family activity. I love seeing how many homes participate in this fun neighborhood pass around. This one is super easy, just make a copy of the printable below. Pair with a treat and deliver.

For more family holiday ideas click {Here}

Friday, March 15, 2013

Secret Easter Bunny + Free Printable

Recently a few of my friends and I started talking about Family Easter Traditions.  Most of my family's are just the normal ones, Easter Baskets, Egg hunt, Nice Dinner.  I have been wanting to start some new ones.  I want my kids to associate certain holidays with their beliefs.   So I came up with the Secret Easter Bunny. Similar to a Secret Santa but an egg hunt of sorts. My kids can pick out some treats and dollar store toys and find joy in serving and helping others. Christmas only comes once a year, but many families need help year round. Or do it to surprise a family you know and love.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Once there was a Snowman......Kit!

Well I am back again for another day of Corn Week.  Today we are going to talk Snow.  That's right snow. You might think I'm crazy but you are going to love this easy project.  Even the kids can get involved.

Everyone loves a snowman right??? When I was in college I had a snowman. His name was Winston. We had fun dressing him up and having him as our mascot.  As an adult I enjoy going out on a snowy day and building snowmen with my kids.  So a few years ago I came up with a fun little snowman kit. Complete with a corn cob pipe and a button nose.  I used them as my neighbor gift to my neighbors with kids. The key to my kit is to start planning now. So here is your supply list.

5x54 inch fleece or old scarf
Dowel knobs and Dowel (Size or dowel knob opening) for eyes
Large Button - You could also buy a carrot for the nose.
Rocks painted black for mouth. You could also use these for your eyes.
Hat- I like to use the 99 cent beanie hats at walmart
Corn on the cob (This is why we start now)

Corn Cob Pipe
Start with you corn on the cob.  Make sure to enjoy every bite. Thr butter, the salt every last yummy taste of summer. Once you have enjoyed your yummy delicious corn, cut your cobs into halves or thirds.

1.Trim off any access corn and leave your cobs out to dry.  It may take a few days.  You can also put them on low heat in your oven for several hours.You want them dry enough to drill holes in them. You can even dry them out and put them in a ziploc bag until you area ready to make them for Christmas.
2. When they are dry you will drill a hole in them, the same size as your dowels.
3. With a hot glue gun add a bit of glue in the drilled hole.
4.  Add your dowel and let dry.
5. Opt. You can spray your dowels with sealer.  This will help them last longer in a wet winter.

Eyes and Mouth
For the eyes and mouth have your kids gather some rocks from your yard. Wash them and  paint them black. Or buy some dowel knobs and dowels. Paint them black.  Either way your kids will love to collect rocks give them a bath and paint a shiny coat of paint on them. You can also pic up a bag of rocks from the dollar store.  They oftern have decorative rocks in black.  They are perfect for a snowman.

For your button nose you can buy a button or a carrot.  I am using a button that I am going to glue a dowel on the back so it stays in place on my snowman.

You can either use an old scarf or a long pieces fleece. 
Whatever you fancy.  I used fleece and cut the edges.  I had my kids sit and tie the ends into knots.  

I like to use the cheap beanies from Walmart.  But you could also make one out of foam or felt. For instructions on how to construct a hat See this post.

Add all your pieces to a fun little draw string bag or bucket.  Add the tag and you are ready to make a snowman. I added a vinyl face to my bucket or you could use iron on vinyl for a bag. No cutter needed just hand cut and apply. I love getting my vinyl here.   You can get all kinds and colors.  A lot or a little you choose.

A fun little addition would be to add hot cocoa or cider to your bucket or bag.

Right click each one and save to your computer.
Please remember to follow the rules of free printables. 
For more information please see my free printables page.

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's a Wrap! Neighbor Gift

A few years ago, on Christmas Eve, a neighbor brought by a roll of wrapping paper, a roll of tape and a small plate of treats with a little typed tag attached. so I made up this cute little tag here to share, with a little improvement.

{Right click and save. Prints as a 4x6}

 I have been searching for this little tag for years and finally found it.
I loved the idea. And who doesn't need a little extra wrap and tape on Christmas eve.

{If you already have plans for this years neighbors gifts, Plan for next year and pick up your paper and tape at the after Christmas sales.  Your gift will be a hit next year}

Hope your Holidays are Merry and Bright this year!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

You've Been Punk'd! Halloween neighbor treat

I love when neighborhoods are friendly and festive and take care of one another.  I live in one of those neighborhoods.  I especially love living in a great neighborhood around the holidays.  This is one of my favorite things to do.

When I was a kid it was always the Ghost that floated around the neighborhood to say Boo.
This year I wanted to start something with the same concept with a little twist.

You've Been Punk'd.

I got one of the $1 pumpkins from my local store and filled it with treats and a few tricks.
Printed my tags and attached to the pumpkin.
I glued the pumpkin and the poem on a piece of card stock. Oneon each side.  I think I may laminate it for durabilty. 
The tags shown here are 4x6. If you would like to use them right click on the image and save to your computer.  

Print the We've been Punk'd onto 8.5 x 11 photocopies. I did mine double sided to save paper. I am going to print 10 or so of these and include them in the pumpkin. 

You are ready to knock and run.  Play a nice trick or two and have fun!

Here are a few more fun pass around to start the BOO in your neighborhood.

PLEASE follow the following rules for Free Time Frolics printables:
  • I would love for you to become a follower of Free Time Frolics. More Free Printables are coming. You don't want to miss out.
  • Free Time Frolics printables are for PERSONAL USE only. You may not re-sell, re-distribute, or claim them as your own.
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  • Freebie printables are offered "as is" unless otherwise noted.
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Have a Happy Halloween!
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