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Monday, December 15, 2014

Beautiful skin with Skin Authority

I know its been a while since I have blogged. Sometimes you just have to take a break. Or find something you want to blog about.  Today's post is because I found something amazing to blog about.  I have been trying out a new skin product and love it! Skin Authority is my new go to skin care line!
Skin Authority

Here in Idaho it is cold and dry with 9 months of it.  My skin takes a beating and I still break out like a 16 year old girl!  I have tried everything. It is so frustrating.  I like the all natural approach to most things, especially skin care but I will try almost anything to soften up my skin and get rid of acne.  So when asked to try Skin Authority I gladly accepted!  

I received my Holiday Essential skin duo in the mail all boxed up and wrapped in an Organza bag.  (If you order for a gift just wrap it up from the shipping box!) 
The Duo included a: 
*Face, Hair and Nail oil and a 
*Moisturizing Mist.
A concentrated blend of exotic essential oils and powerful hydrators instantly transform parched skin, brittle hair, and weak nails for a healthy, smooth sheen. Ideal for dry, winter weather.

Does that not sound perfect for me? 
I am in love with Face, Hair and Nail oil. Because of the climate I live in and a little eczema I struggle on a daily basis to find a nice balance in skin maintenance. With the Skin Authority my face is so soft! My cheeks are smoother than ever and I don't feel like they are oily and worry about acne.  Not to mention my fingers nails haven't been this soft and healthy since my last time in Hawaii.  
After cleansing my face I rub a small amount of oil onto my face.  I take what is left on my hands and rub it into my nails.   What a difference it had made! I have fewer hang nails, and softer cuticles. 
The moisture mist is just what I needed to add a little moisture on those cold wind chill kind of days.  It can get well below zero here with wind chill.  SO sometimes I just need a little extra during the day.  The moisture mist smells great and gives me that extra boost!
Priced at just $50 makes it my new go to skin care set.  

Skin Authority has an array of products to try for both men, women and teens.  This holiday they have a few Holiday offers that let you try out this amazing product at  fantastic price! 
With so many skin care products you can find anything you may need to look and feel good about your skin. 
You can check the Skin Authority about page for more on their philosophy and concept behind a Healthy Skin lifestyle. Their products are natural, paraben free, dye free, fragrance free and animal free. I love this approach to healthy skin care. 

Skin Authority website: www.skinauthority.com
Skin Authority Holiday Gift Guide: http://bit.ly/1uoTTnz
                                                 Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/skinauthority

Visit Skin Authority website and tell me your favorite products!

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