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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Super Hero Dress Ups and Costume

A few months ago I hosted a yard sale for a Youth Fundraiser.  One of the donations was a simple super hero cape made by a neighbor who had passed away.  Her family were cleaning out the house and decided to donate the old dress ups.  I was totally intrigues by the simplicity of these capes and just had to recreate them in an updated version.  So I began figure out the designs I wanted and how I would put them together.  So today I will share how I made the basic cape and over the next couple of weeks I will share the individual images I made for each super hero. So First up is Spiderman!
I will start with the basic cape that is used for all versions.

For each cape you will need:
Cape Pattern
6 inches hook and loop tape
waist strap 5 x 25 inches
Chest square: 7 x 14 inches
Cape: 1/2 yard.  May be different if you are making Spiderman or wonder woman.

Cut (2) 7x7 inch square and line them both with iron on pellon. If you are sewing on an emblem do so now. When you are done Sew RST around 3 sides of your square including the top and both sides.  Turn and press. Top stitch around your square

Cut your waistband 25 x 5. Also lined with iron on pellon. .

Fold waistband in half with right sides together.  Sewing down both short sides and approximately 8 inches in from the corners.  Leaving the middle 9 inches open. Turn right sides out and Press. Also press a hem on the un-stitched part of the band.

Take your square and find center. Take your waistband and find center.  Pin your square to the inside of the band. and pin into place.  Add a top stitch to the entire band securing the main square into place. 

On the ends of the waistband sew in your hook and loop tape.

Cut your cape.  For Superman and Batman you will have a full piece for Wonder Woman and Spiderman you will have sections of different colors.
Once you have your cape cut, hem around all sides of the cape.
Add your super hero emblem to the back of your cape.

Sew one corner of the cape to one corner of the main square.

Stitch a small 1 inch square to the opposing corner of the cape and main square.
 You can use this pattern for all kinds of super heros.  Here are a few I made.

Your cape is all finished.  

Wonder Woman

I love how easy these capes are to make. I love that they won't choke your child or pull on their neck. You can make them a little girlie ro stick with the traditional.  They can be used a a costume for Halloween or as a dress up for your little super hero. Give them as a gift for Birthday's or Christmas.  The possibilities are endless!  

My little guy would only wear the Spiderman Cape.  He thinks It is so cool. Here is what you need!

1/2 yard Blue fabric
 1/2 yard Red Fabric
black fat quarter
about 10 x 10 inches of white fabric
1/2 yard iron on pellon
Hook and Loop Tape (8 inches)
 Elmer's silver fabric marker (Walmart craft section)
 Here is a picture of what the final project looks like. 

 For the cape I split it up into 3 panels.  To make this easier you could just keep it one color.  I actually cut 2 capes and then cut them both into sections.  Then sew them back together.  This way you could make 2 capes. Or you could just measure out each section and cut them. 

I used a silver Fabric Pen from Elmers I found it at Walmart in the craft section.  They come in 3 different sized tips.  I would recommend the medium tip. I drew my spiderweb onto the fabric with a pencil and then went over it with the fabric pen.

For Spiderman I used the Spider cut out and eyes.I double layers the eyes with black slightly larger than the white.  Line each of them with pellon. Sew with a zig zag stitch around the edge of the eyes. Then place the white part and repeat stitching.  

I hope your little super hero loves these as much as mine does!  Wonder woman is a little more labor intensive.  I will add the how to later this week.  Thanks so much for visiting today and for f=more #handmadegifts check out these amazing ideas and don't forget to enter the giveaway!!

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