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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ombre Curtain

As part of my Crap room to Craft room Redo I needed a window treatment. 
I wansted something that let the light in but covered the blinds when they are raised.
A short valance it is!
To add a littel flair, I went Ombre Style.
White to Pink. Perfect for my turquoise walls.

I started with 4 color strips. White, Pastel pink, Med pink, Hot pink.
About 5 x 90 inches each.

 I cut 1 piece of canvas the width of my window x 12 inches.
From the bottom I measured up 2 inches and drew a line across the width of the canvas.
Next measure 3.5 inches and draw another line. Repeat 2 more times. 

Next hem along 1 long edge of each color. Bast stitch along the raw edge.

Pull your basting string to gather your fabric strips.

 Lay your bottom fabric on to canvas. Pin one fabric strip to edge of canvas matching
up drawn line with raw edge.Pull basting thread from end until it lines up with edge of canvas.

Sew strips down with a zig zag stitch. Repeat for remaining strips.

For the rod pocket, I cut a strip 3 inches by width of curtain.
I laid the strip on top of the curtain.
(make a sandwich:canvas, strip canvas)
Stitch along edge to sew layers together.
I folded the 3 inch canvas up and around to the back.
Then to stitch rod pocket down I did a stitch in the ditch. 
(This means you sitich in the folded over seam. You generally will not even see the seam.) 

Hang it up and your done.

I love the way mine turned out.  It is the perfect size and color for my room.

Next up Ribbon Redo!

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