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Monday, April 28, 2014

Light up your life with Super Bright LED's

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Super Bright LEDs www.freetimefrolics.com #shop #LEDSavings

I have been super excited about sharing this post with you. I love my Super Bright LEDss Light Bulbs. But not as excited as my husband.  He is a total techie and loves to keep current with all things Technology. So today you are getting our first ever post from my husband. We are going to call it Chris' Corner. All things Technology! So with out further delay her you go!

Before I begin, I probably need to explain a little bit about my personality. I am by no means lazy, I believe in working hard and playing hard. But there are a few things that I absolutely hate and attempt to avoid at all costs. One of those is yard work. While I know plenty of people that enjoy a perfectly cut lawn, and gain a sense of accomplishment at gloriously sculpted bushes and flower beds. I personally feel that I am just going to have to start all over again next week. I would much rather replace my lawn with AstroTurf and cement then spend a minute doing yard work. (By the way do silk flowers last outside?)   Another of my hates is house maintenance. I dislike the fact that things break and wear out. It always seems to happen at the worst times too. Like the time I just paid for a family vacation and then the washer and dryer both died. Yeah, awesome. But, unfortunately as a home owner I have come to accept that I will constantly be forced to fix broken sprinklers, paint walls, replace disposals, water heaters, etc. It is because of my hate of home maintenance that I feel it no small victory when I am able to find a long term solution that requires absolutely no upkeep. For example, my patio is Trex and cement, my fence is vinyl and I purchase items with warranties as often as I can. (Not the extended warranties mind you, those are a rip). Anyway, when my wife was asked to write about this latest product I told her that I would do it. Not because she is over stressed and tired from  being an awesome wife and mother, but because this is actually a product that speaks to me. The product itself at first may not seem that remarkable, and that is probably why I wanted to share it instead of my wife. To understand why it is remarkable you have to understand really what it is and where it came from. The product is Super Bright LED light bulbs. Now if you think “LED power, big deal” then I hope you keep reading because it is a big deal. 

Growing up my father would come home from work and, of course, find all of the house lights on. He would grumble about not being made of money and working all day just to pay the electric company, and so on. Unfortunately back then he was right. Lighting a house was a significant expense. I also remember how expensive those old Tube TV’s were to run. Well technology as made huge stride in the last decade and now our once power Hungary homes are filled with devices that take so little power to run that turning them off produces only a minor dip in your monthly electrical bill. This is largely because of LED’s. They used almost no power. Think about it for a second, have you ever grabbed an old time florescent light bulb after it has been on for a while? It will burn you. That is because it is so inefficient that most of its energy is turned into heat instead of light. This same technology was used in our TV’s, flashlights, cars and so on. But LEDs don’t get hot. That is because nearly all their energy is turned into light, actually 90% of it is. This LED technology is not new, it has been around for 50 years. We have used them in alarm clocks and timers, then computers and TV’s and finally now they are available in a standard light bulb. To be honest, this was something that engineers have been trying for years to accomplish. Until recently they just could not get them bright enough and small enough to be used as a light bulb. Now, these highly efficient LEDs use even less power than those light UV light bulbs that were so revolutionary just a few years ago; and not just a little bit less a lot less. (Oh, and they are not toxic when they break. I just thought I would mention that.) Now, here is where my story comes full circle. These light bulbs last forever, and I am not talking about a few years I mean decades here. That’s right this home owner will pull out the ladder set it up. Replace the bulb, put the ladder back then fix the holes in the walls I made from moving the ladder, just once. The next time it needs to be done I’ll get my grandkids to do it. Hurray!! for small victory’s. Oh, and the while these bulbs cost more upfront then your standard old timey bulbs. They will save you a lot of money over the long run not only in the cost of constantly replacing the crappy bulbs that burn out but in the wasted electricity. Also the price will come down. It has already dropped a lot since the first bulbs I bought a year ago. And yes the fact that I bought those a year ago means that I am not just on board because I was asked to be, and was given some free product to try. (By the way if you’re reading this please send more). I truly love the fact that I don’t need to worry about the lights being left on, or replacing bulbs. Oh, and for all you tree huggers out there, think about how much smaller your carbon foot print will be. Yeah, win, win right. For the rest of us imagine golfing on your Saturday’s instead of once again working on the house that’s my goal. And to my lovely wife, yes I will get to those bulbs in the loft next week, I promise. 

Soft white like lighting www.freetimefrolics.com #shop #LEDSavings

 So here is our dark, dim mud/ laundry room. With LED bulbs we have a brighter more white light look! When you don't have windows you really crave that soft white light.  These LED bulbs are a perfect fit!
I decided to make a little comparison chart with basics traits of the different kinds of bulbs.  Here is what I found!
Light bulb comparison www.freetimefrolics.com #shop #LEDSavings

The results.  Better for your health, long term savings and less work for you!

Okay so now that you have listened to my husband's soap, box here are all the details on these super bright LEDs!  I truly love these bulbs.  #CollectiveBias did not need to ask me to share my experience. I asked for it because we love them so much! Not only did we already have them in our home but we plan on buying them slowly as we replace bulbs as needed.  Not only do they look great and give off a Soft white like light but they also last 15 times longer than a regular incandescent lights.  Which means I save money and change the bulbs less often.  Like every few decades! Check out how much you can save with there Annual Savings Calculator!  These bulbs do cost a bit more than a regular bulb but they last longer, which more than makes up for the price.
GE LED lighting www.freetimefrolics.com #shop #LEDSavings @SamsClub

At my local Sam's Club I found 6 of the Bulb choices GE had to offer. With a great price you can start changing the bulbs in your house! I love that they come in two wattage choices, 40 and 60 watt, flood lights, decorative bulbs 2 pack, globe bulbs 2 pack, a multipurpose 2 pack and a Can light choice.  I have 20 can lights on my main floor. Yikes!! Right? The can lights cost a bit more that the regular bulbs but well worth the price.  You can totally ditch the can light and wire them right into the ceiling and don't worry about them for decades.  I may never have to change them again for as long as I own my home!
Energy Smart LED lighting www.freetimefrolics.com #shop #LEDSavings

So if my husband hasn't convinced you or my love of this amazing product or even the savings and years you can go without changing a bulb, check out GE's social media and website to learn more about Super Bright LED's and how they can help reduce your Electric Bill and your Carbon footprint!

For a coupon to try GE LED power bulbs click the link and give them a try!!

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