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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Alex Boye' "Let it Go" Inspired Winter White Sunday Dress

Several weeks ago we found a a music video online with the song "Let it Go" from Frozen, with the voices of Alex Boye' and Lexi Walker. My daughter became obsessed with the video and song.  I think every girl is!  I was more obsessed with the dresses the little Power house singer was wearing. I literally stayed up looking online for the two dresses. My husband just sat and laughed at me.  He finds my crazy funny.  But he knows once my brain starts looking it can't stop until I find what I am looking for.  I found the black and gray dress in the price range of $150. The cream one I couldn't find.  So I decided to make it myself.  So here is my take on the beautiful winter white dress Lexi was wearing in the music video.  A simple and Elegant winter white dress.

Let it Go Inspired winter white sunday dress www.freetimefrolics.com

 I Just met Alex over the weekend and he is amazing!  Yep I tooka picture with him and he help mu hand as he sang into my phone! His story, his voice and how he interprets music is a true gift! Get ready to be inspired!

But before I get into the dress.  Take a look at the video. This eleven year old power house is amazing.  You can't watch it just once!


Everything about that video is inspiring.  The women who put together the outfits and make up are incredible.I love their choices.  My little miss just had to have the dress.  So here is how I made it.

Well to start I used knit fabric and sheer tricot. What is sheer tricot you ask?  Sheer tricot or Tricot Chiffon  is a soft porous fabric. Much like tulle only softer.  It lays soft and moves naturally.  When making dresses I love this stuff.  They use it in lots of dresses you can buy at the store. It has proven to be a little difficult to find. So I searched online for the best place to find it!  Check out Fabric.com for a few colors!

So here are my tips for making this dress.
*Make the bodice according to your little miss. Mine is super skinny so I had to make a size smaller but I added for the length because she is so tall.

*When using knits, on a regular cotton pattern you can go down a size. Because of the stretch. But in this case I did the chosen size because I did knit as my main fabric and had a sheer tricot over the top making the knit not stretch.

*No need to hem. Knits and tricot sheer don't unravel or fray. That's why I love them so much!
So here you go!

I started with this pattern.  I used it because I liked Loved the cap sleeve.  It seems like all the dresses either have huge sleeves or are sleeveless.  This pattern is the perfect mix of both worlds. You can bet I will be using this bodice again in future dresses! I also loved the variety in the pattern. A jacket, ruffle pants and a dress. It's kind of an all in one!
Simplicity pattern 1476a
I followed the pattern for the bodice then measured my little miss for the length I wanted and adjusted accordingly.

When cutting the bodice I cut one of knit and one of sheer tricot. To sew them place the tricot on top of the knit. Pin it well! Sew quick stitch around the edge to hold it in place. Then continue on with hemming.

I made the skirt 3 inches shorter than the tricot sheer.  Follow the directions for zipper placement and skirt waist measurements.

I added my ribbon colorand hair flower for a little pop of color.  I love that I can use any color with this dress.  Who knows I may add a Turquoise ribbon and flower next week!

This dress is nothing fancy but when you add the tricot you get a whole new look.
I added cream satin mini flowers to the neckline and also to her hair. Check out my Satin hair flowers post to make some of your own!

Cream easter dress vintage inspired collage www.freetimefrolics.com #dress #diy
As you can see I added a large satin flower to add a a dramatic effect to her hair.  These satin flowers are so simple to make using satin, some leftover sheer and lace. 

This dress is just what my little miss likes.  Simple and elegant.  What kinds of dresses does yous like? Ruffles, Simple, over the top??  Tell me I want to know!

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