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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Recycled Bike Basket DIY

My little Miss has a bike, a tricycle and a scooter.  Funny thing is she only likes to ride the scooter and tricycle.  Originally  her tricycle had a little plate cover on the front of the handlebars.  It broke off and left that area vacant. I remember having a fun basket on the front of my bike.  I loved to put my favorite toy in the basket and go for a ride.  I saw my my orange juice container and had an idea.  Who needs to buy a basket when I can make one for free. I started with an empty Orange Juice container.

I cut the top of the orange juice container.  Just below the handle.
(In hind sight I would have punched 2 holes along 1 long side of the container.  I did mine later and it was hard to get the holes cut)

Take your fabric and measure it around the container and measure the height. 

Begin by painting a layer of modge podge onto your container. Start wrapping your fabric around the outside of the container.

Glue the edge of the fabric down.  Paint a layer of modge podge onto your fabric.  Give it a really good coat.

Fold the top fabric down to the inside.  Glue it down.
Let is dry for a while. You may want to do a second coat.

Now for the bottom. I place a lot of glue on the plastic and spread it around.   

Then start and fold it like the end of a package. Fold 2 sides and press down to stick to the glue.  

Lay more glue down and fold your last two sides down.  Cover in modge podge. Let dry

At this point I punched my holes.  I wish I had done it before covering in fabric. Measure your bike handle bars for hole placement. I also stapled around the top to secure the fabric to the plastic.  I used pom fringe to hide the staples.This would go great for a little boy and make it a super hero basket or cowboy or space man.  Whatever your little boy is into.  Fun for everyone!

To hide any graphics from the container I glammed it up.  Pom fringe and some flower cut outs. Red ribbons to tie it onto the bike and your finished.

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