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Monday, March 17, 2014

Well at Walgreens for my Allergy Issues

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and it's client. All health related suggestions and opinions expressed in this post are my own. #WellAtWalgreens #shop #CollectiveBias

Are you an allergy sufferer? For my family allergies are right around the corner.  Besides being allergic to many fruits and veggies I suffer from terrible spring allergies.  They only last 3 months but they are are really tough to deal with.  I find myself having to start my allergy regimen a few weeks before the season starts. 
Because my kids are all different ages we have a lot of allergy needs in the house. To fill all those needs I headed to my one stop shop, Walgreens. They carry the #WellAtWalgreens brand.  Same Allergy medications as the name brands at a better price!  Just what I need. 

On a quick trip I picked up everything I needed. Some for me and some for the kids.  As you can see we keep the allergy medication companies in business. All this for a little pollen ans some spring flowers. You bet!

I found the Well at Walgreens brand down the allergy/ cold and flu medication aisle. And on a few end caps.  They were even doing a sale on their Well at Walgreen brand buy on get one 50% off!  It's a great deal to stock up for your family.

 Walgreens also  has made a Way to better health commitment.  With these and other Well at Walgreens products, Walgreens  commits 1 cent per product purchased up to 3 million dollars to support better health and preventative services to local communities!  I love that when I buy the Walgreen brand products I not only get a great price but I am helping to give back to my community!  It's a Win, win! 

And Walgreens has an awesome Rewards Program. So don't forget to sign up for your Balance Rewards! It's free.

This year I put together an On the Go Allergy kit. Complete with all the things I need to help my allergies. Besides my regular allergy medications I take once a day I have a few I keep with me all the time.
  Sinus relief and Allergy Eye are my go to meds for all year long. These two medications come with me everywhere.   For me my some of my allergies are all year long.  I have terrible allergies to many fruits and vegetables.  If I touch them and touch my face or skin. My eyes and throat swell up. The throat swelling is not so much a problem unless I eat them, but the eyes are a big problem.  My eyes itch, tear up and turn bright red. Then I bruise into my cheeks.  I kind of look like a raccoon.  I usually can't see out of them either.  At the first signs of an allergic reaction these Allergy relief eye drops take care of my symptoms. I am so grateful I have found these. 

When I am at the park or traveling (that darn Russian Olive) I hold onto my Sinus relief for when my regular medications are not enough.  

Next I add some tissues, hand sanitizer, moisturizer for those dry red noses and cough drops. Each of these items is essential for me as I go out and about.  Just grab or make a quick bag and you are ready to take on allergy season! 

Thank you Walgreens for making allergy season a little more tolerable and easier on my pocketbook!

Do you have terrible allergies too?  What do you keep close by for emergencies??

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