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Friday, June 20, 2014

Frozen Inspired Elsa & Anna Aprons

Around our house we are total Frozen fans.  We have had a frozen party, watch the movie dozens of times and we must have an Elsa braid everyday. So when Rachel asked me to participate in a month of Disney I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  So I whipped up these darling Anna and Elsa Aprons for the little miss! 

These aprins are super easy and take around an hour to make.  I found my fabric and Joann's Craft. Here are the supplies you need.

Frozen apron supplies www.freetimefrolics.com

I decided to break down how much you would need per element of the apron.  So as you are buying fabric keep that in mind.  All pieces are single layer.

Fold the waist band and neckband in half. Stitch along one short end and length of bands.  Turn right sides out and press. Clip 4 inches off the bottom of the neck band and fold it over 2 d rings. 

Place the neck strap and d ring piece into the top of the body piece, on the inside and finish sewing the top of the body. And turn.n It will look like this when you are done. 

If you are going to put the tulip or snowflake on your bodice add it now. I just used scrap fabric I had to add my embellishments. 

Use a long stitch to your skirt. Pull the top thread to gather your skirt. Take your bodice and find center on both pieces.  Sew them together with wrong sides together.  You should be able to see the raw edges of both pieces in the front of your apron. 

Take your waist band and find center on apron and band.  Pin into place and start at one end and top stitch the waistband to the apron.  Sew all around the 4 sides of the waist band covering the seams of the apron. 
Open Stock Painters Markers
For the bottom of my Anna apron I used Elmers Painter's Pens to add flowers to the bottom of the apron.  These pens are so cool and easy to use. They come in tons of colors and 3 types of pens. Fine. medium and chiseled. Just be sure you don't let your kids have them or paint your clothes. Check out your local Walmart in the craft section to get yours or buy them on Amazon!

For the Elsa Apron I found these adorable snowflake buttons that I got for a dollar at Joann's. 
My Little Miss just love them and has to wear one whenever she helps me bake. 

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