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Sunday, June 15, 2014

LDS Youth June Lesson: Priesthood Keys

It has been a while since I posted an LDS Youth Curriculum printable so to go with my lesson today I made this one.  I truly believe that this church is the truest on the earth.  We have leaders that will not lead us astray. Ans though the members of the church are not always perfect, HIS gospel is perfect.  Being a true follower or Christ means having faith in his plan and putting our trust in those he has called. 

As members of the Church, we have the opportunity to sustain those the Lord has called to serve. We raise our hand to indicate that we sustain the General Authorities and officers of the Church and each of the leaders in our wards and stakes—including Young Women class presidencies. Sustaining leaders involves more than just a raised hand—it means that we stand behind them, pray for them, accept assignments and callings from them, obey their counsel, and refrain from criticizing them. (LDS.org)
I truly feel that when we support and sustain our church leaders we feed and build our own testimonies and allow ourselves to be taught by the spirit. So I made this simple printable and added a little treat for each of the girls. 

Sustaining our leaders printable www.freetimefrolics.com #LDSyouth

You can print off a full sheet of Sustaining your Leaders printable here. It prints 8 to a sheet.

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