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Monday, July 14, 2014

Drop Waist Lace Dress

 A while back I saw a drop waist dress that I loved.  I cost way to much money and I wanted it a different color. I have always loved the 20's drop waist style. So I made this fun drop waist lace and tricot skirt.

For this dress I used a basic shirt pattern and adjusted it for a drop waist. I measured the bottom of the dress and tripled the width to add the skirt. 
I used knit fabric got the main body. One the color for the top and the other in cream for the under skirt. Lace with a decorative edge and the yardage need for you skirt in sheer tricot. 

The inside shirt and skirt are attached. The lace part of the shirt hangs over the top of the dress. 

Key hole button closure: Because of the Knit fabric and the lace over the top I needed to add an way to get the dress on and off. 

I added a bow to match my knit fabric. 

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