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Friday, July 11, 2014

Zours Candy Marshmallow Popcorn Snack

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When I was a kid I loved sour candy.  My friends and I would have a competition to see who could eat the most sour candy at once. Did you ever do that?  We would eat until our taste buds were dead. So when I had the opportunity to head out to my local Walmart to test out the new Zours® Candy by Mike & Ike, I said Heck yeah!! They come in the perfect sized box for movie snacks, purse treat or a park snack! The sweet and sour taste takes me right back to being a kid.

I found these yummy sour treats in the candy aisle at Walmart.  You can find them in the boxed candy section and sometimes in a rounder near the movies. And for just 98 cents you can't pass them up.

I brought home a few boxes and shared them with my kids.  We had a great ole time trying these out!  When you eat sour candy does it hit you at the jaw line?? I started feeling that swelling in my glands before I even put them in my mouth.

We totally got our #Zoursface on for you all.  Could you feel the sour just looking at us??

#Zoursface #Collectivebias #shop

But who says a box of Movie candy is just for the movies?? I decided I would make a special sweet and sour treat for a fun night of water skiing and visiting at the lake! So I took a family favorite, marshmallow & popcorn, and added my new favorite movie snack to bring you Zours® Marshmallow Popcorn

Zour® Marshmallow Popcorn Treat
1 bag Marshmallows
1 cube butter
 tsp vanilla
10 cups popcorn
4 boxed Just Born Zours®

Pop your popcorn.  I like to use my air popper.  Melt your marshmallows and butter in a large bowl in the microwave. Add vanilla and mix together.  Pour marshmallow over the popcorn and mix.  Pour Zours® and mix in with popcorn.  let it rest for a few minutes and serve!

It's sticky and gooey. The marshmallow brings the sweet, Zours® the sour and the popcorn gives you the crunch.  A Movie treat in perfect harmony.

I took it to the Lake for a youth activity.  The kids devoured it.  I think it lasted 10 minutes.  The mix of the marshmallow popcorn and the Zours®  was the perfect flavor mix!  It didn't take long for them to pick out there favorite flavored Zours®. Some of the comments were:
I love the mix of the sweet marshmallow and the Zours®!
It's so good.
I love Zours®. The perfect sour candy.
My super Zours® Popcorn treat was a BIG Hit.

At the end of the night I had a few extra boxes of Zours. So I did a little contest.  How many Zours can you eat at once? Without spitting them out! A few of the kids started with 10. Others started with 20.  They loved it!  A few kept asking for more.  The most were eaten by a 16 year old boy who ate 55 Zours®!  My mouth hurts just thinking about it! Others begged me to let them spit them out.  Over all these new Zours® Boxed theater candy from Mike and Ike are a hit!!! 2 B.I.G Thumbs up!

So do you love sour??  What are some creative ways you would use Zours® Candy??
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