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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Turkey Crayon Holder

Turkey crayon holder www.freetimefrolics.com

Every year growing up for TThanksgiving we had a kids table.  All the cousins would be there and we would just have fun visiting and playing together for the holiday.  I though for this year I would make something cute and useable for our kids table.  So I came up with this adorable Turkey Crayon holder.  It makes and adorable center piece and holds your kiddos crayons for something to do.  Watch for my kids activity page to go with it in a couple weeks!  Just in time for the Turkey!

Paper mache oval box with lid
glitter foam
googly eyes
Brown paper
Glue Gun

Cut your brown paper into a 2 inch circle.  I used a paper punch for mine.  Cut two feet from the glitter foam and a small beak.

Glue eyes, red ribbon and beak onto brown paper. Cut your ribbon into 2 inch pieces and glue on the back side of the turkey face.

MArk where you would like your crayons to go.  Be sure to place dots with the lid in place. I chose to do 6 crayons.  I used a metal skewer to poke a hole through the paper mache. Once your hole is punched use an old crayon to make the hole the size you need. 

Glue your face onto the box. Glue your turkey feet to the lid of the turkey. 

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