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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Designing with Chairish.com

Oh how I would love a fully furnished house with all the fancy stuff.  Sometimes I just look and what is out there and think of different designs I would like to have.  Here is one design that I feel in love with. 
 I adore the color Turquoise. 
 I love this Turquoise couch.  It is my absolute favorite! I found it on Chairish.com. Charish is a website with vintage furniture for your home!

That Turquoise couch goes perfect with the Orange chair.  It has a Retro, Modern feel to it.  I think I would need two of these.  One on each end of the rug with an adorable throw pillow on one and a crochet blanket on the other one. 

Another perfect match is this coffee table.  It is perfect.  The colors match and add a little something to the room. I love the abstract art on the table top and the simple legs on the bottom.  

I found these sea Urchin balls to add to the table.  Maybe on a glass tray. I love the texture it adds. You could also find a way to hang them for the ceiling. 

Another decor item I picked was this adorable Vintage Barbie suitcase.  I love the vintage look and it has the perfect colors!
I fell in love with this star burst wall art.  I really like the texture to the walls.

Check out this mirror.  I love the shape and look of this mirror.  But the cool thing about this is that it is made of recycled paper.  Super Cool!

My last item is this amazing flokati rug.  I have always wanted a furry rug like this one.  A friend of mine told me once that you should always start with your rug and base everything around it.  But this rug can go with almost everything. Perfect for a room of hardwood floors.

Here are a few tips for designing a room.  
1. Pick something you love. It may be a rug, throw pillow or piece of furniture.  If you are needing a rug start with it. Rugs are harder to match to items you love. 

2. Collect paint samples from your local hardware store to find the colors in your favorite item.  

3. Once you have narrowed down your colors, use them to help you pick other items for your room like curtains, throw pillow or blankets or accessories. I clip mine together and keep them in my purse.  So if I am out and about and see something then I have my color palette to go on. 
4. Always remember that less is more.  

To see more amazing items like these I shared today check out www.Chairish.com. It's an online home decor website where you can sell your own items used or vintage items. Head over and check out these one of a kind items.


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