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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Easy French Door Window coverings with Command Strips

I have 2 sets of French Doors in my house. Both have a bay to add some depth to the room.  But with that depth comes a whole new problem. The cost of getting window coverings.  Have you seen the prices for window treatments for bay windows, let alone doors. I searched high and low for window treatments and cam up with nothing.  
In my mind that means, come up with my own solution.  
So I did.  I cam up with this easy to make solution for under $50. Much better than the $400 alternative. 

Here is my supply list for this project. 
blackout fabric
2  1/4 inch dowels
wooden dowel knobs
paint color of choice
(I used the calendar kind with the swivel hook.) 
skinny nose hooks (Window hooks)
small curtain rods
I started with picking out my fabric. We are fortunate enough to have a Home Fabrics in town for amazing fabric prices.  I picked up this spa blue damask there for under $10 a yard.
I also wanted to darken my room so I added black out fabric to back my panels.

For all my panels I just cut straight panels right down the middle of the fabric.  I used 45 wide decorator fabric and  and lined it with black out fabric.  I wrapped the main fabric around to the back and stitched it down.  I made a rod pocked at each end to fit my dowel rod. 

For my small windows I used command hooks for calendars. One on each side and an extendable curtain rod I found at Big Lots.   They were the smallest I could find.

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