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Thursday, February 12, 2015

TurboTax ACA and tax filing made easy

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It's tax season!  If you are like us, a return is in your future and you are getting ready to submit your taxes as soon as possible to get your return back!  Or you are waiting till the very last moment to pay your taxes. No matter how long you wait to file use the easiest way possible, Turbo Tax!

My husband and I have used several methods of  tax filing but we find the easiest to be Turbo Tax. After several years of paying someone, we finally came to our senses and tried Turbo Tax.  It's simple, quick and painless.  As a blogger tax filing can get tricky but Turbo tax walks me through everything and makes it easy as pie!

After purchasing turbo tax this year I loaded it onto my computer and jumped right in to my tax filing. It only took about 5 minutes. 

Since we had filed last year with TurboTax, I was prompted to upload  my last years taxes into the program.  It is so easy and convenient  All of my personal information loaded, I didn't have to type it all in again! (I really love that part!) The only thing I have to do is update numbers. 

After loading all my information I was asked about my health care and where I purchased mine.  I had no idea I had to enter that information into my Taxes. This is the first year you have to tell the government where and how you purchased your health insurance .  I came to a page in my program like this one.

 At first I though it was going to be a long drawn out process but it was super simple.  I just clicked on the link that pertained to me. If you are not sure which category you fall into check out this link,  TurboTax ACA link.  It will take you to the page below. From there you click on the link that pertains to your healthcare information.  Just follow the prompts and it will tell you what needs to be put into your Turbo Tax.  

You can also see how it works by watching this quick video. Insured Filers video

TurboTax takes that information and does all the work for you.  

 If you are an uninsured tax filer, all the information is online to sign up for health insurance.  Sunday February 15th is the last day to sign up for Insurance before receiving a penalty. Be sure to your family is insured.

After following all the prompts, I got to the end and found out I will be getting a refund!  Yipee! We will pay a few bills and maybe take the family to a nice dinner.  

As I was preparing to send my taxes off I found out if I file before the 16th of February I can file for FREE!!!  Yes you heard me, I said FREE federal returns!  So jump in your car and head out to pick up you copy of Turbo Tax today and get filing!! 
To read more about Tax filing and your Healthcare please check out Turbo Tax Social media for tips and tricks this tax season.

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