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Monday, February 4, 2013

Skirt Extender DIY

I love skirts. But as I get older it seems that skirts are getting shorter or I am getting taller.  I have a general rule that my skirts go to the knee.  Skirts that length that are modest can be hard to find. So when I saw a modest slip extender at a local boutique I just had to have one.  But at $30 a piece I decide I would have to wait.  So I went to my local Joanns.  They had a great selection of Lycra stretch fabric in lots of colors.  Here is what I bought:

1 yard Lycra fabric
2 yards coordinating lace
1/4 inch elastic enough for your waist.

To start measure your hips. take that measurement and add 1 inch.
 Measure the length you want, from waist to knee or wherever you want it to go to.

Using a knit stitch, sew a seam the length of your skirt.

Make a casing for your waist band.
Thread your elastic through the casing.

Attach your lace.

Along the seam I used the extra lace and made a bustle like look for the kick pleat in my skirts. I started with a 4-5 inch piece and stitched it down.  Then a 3-4 inch piece and so on.. Go up maybe 6-8 inches high.  Enough to show lace when you kick pleat opens. 

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