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Friday, June 28, 2013

DIY Woven Bracelets

I was taking a leisurely walk around Joanns a few weeks ago and discovered they had this amazing braided trim on the mini bolts in the trim section.  I loved the color and searched for a few more.  They were the perfect colors for a spring bracelet.  Add a little of this and a little of that and voile you have some funky bright colored bracelets for summer! Check out how I did them.
You need:
braided trim 1/4 yard should work on most wrists
leather laces: you can buy a small spool or in the leather jewelry section you can get smaller pieces
beads or charms if you like
glue gun

Measure your wrist.  Depending on which one you make will determine how big to cut.  I used a small amount of glue to the ends of the cut trim to ensure it didn't fray or come unraveled.
For the blue bracelet I cut mine 6 inches.  I glued the ends to keep them from fraying.  I wrapped each end with leather and made a tie.  I added 2 silver rings for a little something different.

For these ones I glued them end to end and wrapped leather around them to cover the glue.  These measure approximately 9 inches.  Perfect for sliding on your wrist.

For this one I glued it end to end.  I wrapped it in leather.  Then I added some wrapped wire and beads for something a little different.

I love the color combinations I can make with these 5 colors.  What are your favorites for the summer??
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