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Monday, July 22, 2013

Lacing Boards {I Gotta Try That}

Make your own fun and educational lacing boards for your kids!
These lacing cards will definitely keep little hands busy and entertained in the car, on a plane, at restaurants, church or even while mom's trying to get dinner ready.
Lacing toy's encourage dexterity, fine motor skills, coordination and attention to detail, all while enjoying every minute of it.
I purchased the supplies at the dollar store.
A cardboard puzzle, a foam puzzle and two books with 
the really thick pages.
I started with the Disney book and cut out the board pages.
This one book will give us six lacing cards.
The foam puzzle I left alone, but I took the cardboard puzzle 
and glued the pieces so it would'nt come apart.
Next I took a sharpie and put a dot everywhere 
I wanted a hole to be.
Then we drilled a hole on every dot!
I purchased a few bright colored shoe laces
from the dollar store to lace with.
You will need a long shoelace for each board.
 That's it!
You can let the kids take it from here.
They will have countless hours of fun!

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