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Friday, July 12, 2013

Nautical Bracelets + Life's a Beach Round Up

July's Blog Hop
Life's a Beach!
8 Blogs 8 Awesome "Beachy" Ideas

 I love this time of year the weather's warm and the kids are out of school and for a few months the world seems to slow down a bit...And so with that being said we figured since all of us are land locked and dreaming of being at the beach; we'd  use our crafty skillz to bring a little beach ambiance to our landlocked homes and lives. So if you too are wishing and dreaming of being at the beach, but can't join our club and enjoy our "Beachy" best!  Better yet pull up a seat, but your feet in a kiddie pool and grab an ice cold drink of your personal preference and cool off with these refreshing ideas. 

8 Blogs 8 Awesome "Beachy" ideas that will rock your world!!!

Stop by and visit all my AMAZING Bloggy friends and check out how the Beach has inspired them!! 

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Isn't that round up amazing.  These are some talented bloggers!
So to get started with my tutorial for Nautical Bracelets. These are super simple and quick to make.

  For the navy square knot bracelet you will need about 18 inches of cotton rope. 

Now you have 2 loops with bracelets finding on each end. Lay your loops on top of each other with the ends away from each other. Pull the Charm ends through the loops opposite of each other. 
Pull knot tight and you are ready to go. 

 For the anchor bracelet I started with 1 yard of rope I found in the trim section at Joanns. I also got an anchor and 3 silver beads with a large center opening.

Cut your rope in half. Fold one section in half and loop through the charm.  Then loop the ends through the center hole.  Do the same for the bottom of the anchor.

Next put ends of the rope through one bead.  one set going through one end and the others through the other side. Add a bead to each end and tie a knot at each end.
The center bead keeps your bracelet tight on your wrist.

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