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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dresser Redo with Annie Sloan Paint

I have been desperately looking for a new dresser.  I found an old dresser at a local thrift store.  It was in decent condition so I took it for under $90.  Not to bad for an old solid dresser.  The dresser had good structure but the vintage 70's stain was much to be desired.  So I pulled out the old sander and went to town.

Here is the before.  The stain was blah, the hardware was terrible and the bamboo mesh on the doors was not my style. The thrift store I purchased it at gave me a discount if I let them have the hardware.  I loved teh discount and hated the hardware so it was a win, win!

Start by removing all drawers and doors including hardware. 

I decided to paint it with chalk paint so my sanding was limited to just getting the thick polyurethane off.  Chalk paint can be used on any wood surface with or without polyurethane.  
For this dresser I used 1/2 pint of paint and a small amount of wax for the top coat.
I started out with a cream can of chalk paint and I had a small, sample can or robins egg blue.  I mixed together. 

I added new hardware and to the the cabinet doors I added I removed the bamboo mesh and replaced ti with a decorative metal I purchased at Lowe's.  It comes in several styles. You can use tin snips to cut it down to the size you need.  One sheet was enough for my panels.

So here is my finished dresser.  I love how it turned out.  It was the perfect size and shape for my master bedroom. 

I found a few item at TJMaxx and Ross for a few decorative pieces.  

 Traits of a good furniture to redo
Solid Wood
Tongue and grove joints
Few bumps
no water damage
no major damage.

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