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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rug Slip Cover Makeover

 Since moving into our new home I have been slacking when it comes to decorating.  Pregnancy and a new baby really take its toll.  But finally I am feeling good enough to do something. 
I finally got the "get my house decorated bug." 
I have this new, larger home than the last.  Which means money.  I have limited funds to fancy up my casa.  But I am determined to do this on a budget. 
From our old home I have this rug. It is still in fair condition.  But the style is not mine anymore. I have been looking for the right rug.  But I just haven't found what I want.  Or can not afford what I want. Then I had an idea.
Just did a little DIY rug recovering. 
My thought was to make it like a duvet cover.  It just slips on and off. 

So I searched through fabric I already had. (I buy fabric on a whim if I love it.  It is a terrible habit. I have quite the collection of fabrics in my craftroom.)  And found one I thought would work.

So here are the before and afters.

See that adorable blue and green with sun flowers.
It needs a little pick me up.

And here is the after.

Here is the new fabric. Natural Cotton with a Chocolate Damask.  I love this print.  I bought a few yards a year or two ago at Home Fabrics and Rugs.  I have been saving it for a special occasion.  One just like this.

I added an outside border so I didn't have to piece any fabric.  I think it turned out great.  It makes a nice addition to my living room. 

 I used about 2 yards of damask fabric and 3 yards of brown.   I had some brown leftover for another project.
 So here is how I did it. 
My rug is 5x7.  My damask fabric is 54 wide.  I needed 12 more inches to make it wide enough.  So I added the brown.  I measured my length minus 12 inches. 
So my inside damask and backing fabric measured 54 x 78.

My border fabric was cut 3 yards x 13 inches. One piece was slightly wider.  I used these piece for the top.  So I would have a little extra for the folded flap.

I sewed the side borders on first. Then the bottom and top.

Next pin the backing onto the top.  Right sides together.

Fold the border in half and pin the sides to the backing fabric.Stitch your side seams.
Leave our corners for the next step.

I made my corners with a mitered edge. 

Stitch your seam to make your corners. Trim off the extra fabric.
  For the top I folded the  top down so the top border is 6 inches.This makes the fabric become like a fold over sandwich bag.

Next I marked the backing fabric to make button holes. I made the button holes and hand sewed the buttons.

Slide your rug in and your done.

Your very own DIY Rug Makeover.

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