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Friday, January 3, 2014

White Chocolate Peppermint Marshmallow Cocoa Sticks

Just before Christmas I found these delightful Marshmallows.  I love anything Peppermint. So I grabbed a bag and took them home.  These yummy cloud like treats are about the size of silver dollars.  I just had to make something delicious with them.

So I found some Ghiradelli white chocolate for melting, chopped candy canes and some adorable paper straws ( you can use sucker sticks if you like but then you can't use them to drink with!).

I melted the chocolate and put a dab on one side of the marshmallow, then added the straw.  Place another marshmallow on top.  Allow for Chocolate to harden.
Once hardened dip your marshmallow stick into the melted white chocolate.  let the extra drip off and roll in chopped candy canes. Allow to dry.  You can bag them, use them, make a center piece. Whatever you want.

For single mallows, place stick into mallow.  Dip in chocolate and roll in candy canes. I love the single size for younger kids.  They look like lollipops and are perfect for a mug of hot cocoa. And when the marshmallow melts off you have a straw to drink your cocoa with! 

Need a homemade hot cocoa mix to make try this one, it's amazing!

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