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Friday, January 31, 2014

Neon Marquee Letters

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Marquee letters are a trend that I absolutely love. You can find lots of tutorials on how to make them.   With Valentines approaching I wanted something with some color.  So I went to work. I checked out a few tutorials and started playing around.
This is my final project.

Here is what you need.
Paper Mache letters
Plastic table cloths- Pick your colors
Marquee lights or String of Christmas lights
glue stick
Washi tape

I followed this tutorial for the basic marquee letters.  Minus the paper.

Once I got my letters cut and the lights in. (*Side note* You need to plan the order and stacking of letters before you add the lights.  Once your lights are in it will be hard to stack and move them around if the cords don't go in right)  I started playing with the colors I wanted. I tried using tissue paper and it works great until you accidentally poke a whole in it.  Then you have to start all over.
Yep I totally had to start over!
That's when I headed to Zurchers and bought some plastic table cloths. They have every color you can imagine!

I cut rectangles the would cover my letters.  I laid the plastic on a flat surface. then the letter on top.  I then used an Exact-o knife to cut the plastic to fit the letters.  I used a glue stick to get the plastic to stick to the letters until I could tape the plastic to the letters.  

To finish off my look I used a plain washi tape to wrap around the letter edges. 
neon marquee love letters www.freetimefrolics.com

You can use this for anything you want to say!  The possibilities are endless for colors and sayings!

To stack my letters I used Popsicle sticks and glue to hold them together.

I am not going to lie, these took some time but the pay off is amazing. It took me about 2 hours.  They look adorable on my mantel shelf!

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