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Monday, November 14, 2011

Home Made for the Holiday Day 6 For the Ladies

I was at a craft show and a local vendor was selling jeans and jewelry.  All was manufactured.  When you bought a pair of jeans you got to choose a piece of jewelry.  I found a necklace I loved and she ended up getting it with her purchase.  I decided to recreate it with a little twist.  Here is what I cam up with. 

I love that I can change the flower and the ribbon to mix and match with just about anything.
So lets get started.  

1 package of wooden beads.  
(Michaels and Joanns carry these in various sizes.)
Spray paint in the color of your choice. 
Ribbon- color of your choosing
Metal Jump rings
elastic beading thread
beading glue for elastic thread.
(The last 3 supplies can be optional.  These 3 make it so you can change your ribbon.  If you
don't want to use them or want to save money just thread the ribbon through your bead instead of elastic thread,)

 I made a little spray box for my beads.  Take off one side.
Next I used bamboo skewers. Thread your beads on them and stick holes in the side of your box to hold them in place. This also lets you turn the beads for an even spray.
 This box made it so I could spray out side and let the beads dry inside.  It is cold here in Idaho.

After a few coats of paint. Let them dry completely.  Pull off the skewers.

Begin to thread the elastic beading thread through the bead until you have the chosen length.  I used all of my bead. 

Once you reach the end add your jump ring and thread back through the beads. I did this because I have a little guy who thinks he needs to pull and chew on every piece of jewelry I have.  Adding the elastic beading thread keeps me from choking.

Once you reach the end of your beads on the other end add another jump ring. Pull your beading thread to give it a little stretch and starts your knots.

Tie your thread into several knots.  I did 5 or 6.  Take you glue and place a couple of dots on the  knots to hold it in place. Allow to dry for a few minutes.

Add your ribbon.

Tie it the length you want.

Add a little flair and a pair of earrings and your ready to go.
Here are a few others I made in different colors.

Turquoise.  I love that color. 
I Roughed this one up a bit.
I sanded it down a bit and added a little stain.
Any lady would love a gift like this.  

Like the earings??? I got them on Pick Your Plum. Pick you Plum is an awesome website the sells an new different craft item everyday. For amazing Prices.  These Earrings came in two sets.  1 square and 1 Chandielier earrings. Both are totally paintable. Here how I did it.
I used valspar grey and turquoise for the spray.  Then antiqued them both with Martha Stewart pearl paint with and antique wash. 
Both turned out beautiful.  I am hoping Pick Your Plum with have these again soon. 
 They are beautiful. I think I need some more. 
Be sure to check back on the last day of our Home Made Holidays for our Big Pick your Plum give away.

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