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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home Made for the Holidays For the Boys

For Christmas this year I wanted to try something a little more traditional for clothing.  Since my baby is so little I decided that this year he would have a bow tie to match his sisters skirt.  He is to little to complain.  I love how it turned out.  A little guy in a bow tie is my favorite.
Day Two

I love Christmas time.  So many exciting things just waiting to happen.Yummy Food, Christmas shopping, parties and so much more.  This little tutorial will help dress that little man of yours (or big boy) for an
special occasion. Holiday Bow tie!

You will need:
1 fat quarter
3 inches of hook and loop tape
I used the template from Martha Stewart  bow tie tutorial.  (Here)
I says to enlarge 200% I only enlarged mine by 175% for my little guy.  200% is a little to big
 for kiddos under 6.
I also added about an inch to the length of the pattern piece.  Since I am not sewing the two tie parts together, I need a little extra on the ends to add the hook and loop tape.

Fold fabric so that your fabric is 4 thick.
Lay your pattern piece on the fabric and pin. 
 If you are going to fussy cut fold your fabric in half and place your pattern piece where you want it. 

Once you have your piece pinned where you want it cut out your bow tie.

Separate your tie pieces.  Place two pieces right sides together. Pin.

Stitch along the outside edge of the tie piece.  I use the edge of my presser foot as a guide. Do this for both pieces.  Clip the edges of you bow tie.

Turn you tie pieces right sides out.  Use a small stick or tip or your scissors to push corners out.  Press.

turn raw edges to inside of tie for a clean edge. Press. Cut a 3 inch piece of hook and loop tape. Lay the hook and loop on to the edge of the tie piece. Pin and stitch around the edges of the hook and loop tape.
Your tie is done. Its time to tie it.  I looked at several tutorials for tying a bow tie. I found that a video was the best tutorial.  You can find more on U Tube or the Martha Stewart site (Here)

Here is the result.  Its a little big for my little man but oh so cute!
Just in time for Christmas.

Making your own bow tie is easy.  For today's give-a-way I will be giving away my tie pattern with 
4 extra clips.  Not a seamstress.  I will make one for you.  Bow tie or adjustable neck tie.  You pick.  I have lots of choices.

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