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Friday, July 27, 2012

Button Pony Elastics

So you remember those figure 8 ponytail elastics.  You know the ones with the huge knobby balls on a figure  8 elastic??  I have been looking for them for my little miss. They are really hard to find. I couldn't even find a vintage picture of them.  But them my mind started thinking about how I could make them myself.  With a trip to Joanns, I found the round elastic, by the yard.  They also sell the button covers.  I had some in my stash.  Next was trying to figure out how to make them a figure 8.  After searching and pondering I hit the hardware store and found a few options that could work.  Here is what I came up with.

Round Elastic ( I bought mine by the yard at Joanns)
DIY Buttons or buttons with a shank
Scrap fabric
Crimp Sleeves (Hardware store in the electrical dept.)

Here is a better picture of the crimp sleeves.

Cover your buttons or use buttons with button shanks on the back. If you use regular buttons be sure the elastic will fit through the shank. They will come in varying sizes.

Slide one button onto the elastic.  Then thread both ends into the crimp sleeve.

Slide your second button onto the elastic.

Slide the elastic end into he crimp sleeve. I slide my 2 ends into the sleeve so they were both almost pushing through the other side. Use your pliers and crimp the sleeve as flat as you can. If you would like to wrap the crimp with ribbon or something you can.

All done.  Your button ponies are ready to use.

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