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Monday, July 30, 2012

T-shirt to Backpack

Do yoru little ones need a simple backpack for Preschool?? Or just need a cheap backpack to match the big kids?  Well i have a solution. While shopping at the dollar store I ran across a basket full of kids t-shirts.  I bought a few in hopes of a potential project.  I came up with this.  You can use any T-shirt old or new.
backpack tshirt
You will need only 2 supplies a t-shirt, 3 yards of ribbon and a sewing machine. I have found the no matter the size of your child, the best size for these packs is a medium or smaller.

backpack tshirt1
Start with your T-shirt and turn it inside out.

backpack tshirt2
Fold your t shirt in half. Cut along the tip of the shirt, cutting off the neck hole of the shirt.

backpack tshirt3
Stitch along your cut edge.

backpack tshirt4
On the bottom of the shirt you will need to find the 2 sides of your shirt. make a small cut, not cutting through the seam.

backpack tshirt5
Take your ribbon and cut into 2 pieces.  Take your first piece and thread through one of the slits and around the casing. Bringing the ribbon back to the original starting spot.  Repeat this with the second ribbon threading through the opposite slit.

backpack tshirt7
backpack tshirt6

backpack tshirt8Bring your ribbon ends to the shirt sleeve.  Pin into place and stitch the opening closed.
backpack tshirt9
An easy day bag for your kids to go to the park, beach or a road trip. Or your sweet little one who wants to be a big kid too. Fill it will all the things you need and go! Have a great week!
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