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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Little Unicorn

A few months ago my our family went to Lava Hot Springs for the day then off to Golden Corral. My kids were in heaven when they saw the buffet. What kid wouldn't love it.  The best part for them was the cotton candy.  After it was all gone the paper cone that the cotton candy was on became her unicorn horn.

My Little Miss is obsessed with Unicorns right now.  So I thought it would be fun to add a Unicorn to her dress up box. I also think it  would be fun to use it for Halloween.  So here is what I did.

Supply List:
Felt- 2 colors if doing the ears
needle and thread
Glue gun  & Glue sticks
Coordinating trim
Safety pin
a bit of stuffing
ribbon (Optional)
Horn Pattern (Here)

Cut the horn and ears according to pattern pieces. Cut 2 of each ear piece and attachments and 1 horn.

Layer ear pieces.  Large and 1 small.  Stitch a basting stitch along bottom of ears combining pieces.  Pull to gather and tie off. Set aside.

Roll your horn to make a cone shape. Over lap the edges and pin them together. Slip stitch the edges together.

Lightly fill with stuffing.

Pinch in half.  with stitched edge on the side. Slip stitch 1 inch section in the center.
Then bring sides into center and slip stitch closed. This will leave you a small pocket for the headband to thread through.

With your trim, start at the top and wrap it around your horn.  Stitch or glue it to the inside pocket at the bottom.

Slide horn onto the headband. 
Glue felt rectangles to headband. One on each side of the horn.
Glue horn into place.  I like to angle mine a bit.

To add ears, add some glue to the headband.  place ear on top of blue.  Then add a strip of glue to the front and back. Pull felt around the headband and onto the ears.

 Add trim around the ears.

Your Unicorn horn and ears are all done and ready for playing.

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