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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Onesie Bow Tie

Did you see my Onesie Neck Tie Post??? How about a bow tie?  I thought this would be a cute addition to your little guy's wardrobe.   This tutorial is easy and simple. You can probably make one in 30 minutes or so.  

Here is What you need:
small piece of fabric at least 6 inches x 20 inches
Onesie or T-shirt
Iron on Pellon- light weight
Bow Tie Pattern

Iron in Pellon to fabric. Cut Pieces. 4 triangles and one center.

 Put 2 triangles right sides together. Stitch around outer edges of Triangle. Leaving small edge open for turning. Repeat with second set of triangles.

Turn Triangles right sides out.  Pushing corners out with something small. Press center piece so raw edges are together.

Stitch triangles together on small, open edge.  Open up and press.

Wrap center piece around center of triangles. Do this a little tight so you have a little pucker in the triangles. Pin your edge. You may want to take a small piece of pellon and iron it to the inside of the onesie, where your tie will be.  Just to give the shirt a little more to stitch into.
Pin bow tie to Onesie.  

Stitch down both sides of the center of the tie. Securing the tie to the onesie. All finished and ready to wear.  After washing you may need to take a warm iron to straighten out your bow tie.

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