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Monday, July 2, 2012

Firecracker Table Decor

Firecrackers are always a great way to decorate for the 4th.  Here is a fun tutorial to use for your table scape or mantel.

2 glass vases in different sizes ( I found mine at Michaels)
1 inch ribbon about 1 1/2 yards
Glass beads (dollar store)
2 Tinsel from table weights (dollar store)
Glue Dots

Burn the edges of your ribbon with a match to ensure the ribbon does not fray.
Add to glue dots to the edge of the ribbon

Stick the glue dots with the ribbon running along the top edge of the vase

Wrap the ribbon around the vase.  Cut your ribbon to the length needed.  Cut and burn the edge of ribbon.  Use to glue dots to glue ribbon down.

Repeat for the bottom of the vase.

Fill your vase with blue glass beads
Next take your table weight and remove the tinsel.  Place your tinsel down the center of the beads.Voile you have your Firecracker.  Now repeat the process for your second Firecracker.
To show off my project I added a white glitter star and a charger plate to keep them on.

I am so excited to celebrate America's Birthday.  Here in Idaho we have warm days, cool nights and fantastic Fireworks for the holiday. It is a true blessing to live in this great country. I hope you all have a fantastic, safe  holiday!!

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