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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Onesie Neckties {Big Boy Style}

I found this great tutorial for Onesie ties over at Brassy Apple.  I love the simplicity of the little Onesies.  I started thinking, maybe I could give this a little more of a big boy look.  So I started playing around and came up with this.

It is a simple tie that is attached at the knot only.  Leaving the tie to move like a real tie on a basic t-shirt or onesie. 

Want to make a few of your own??? Here is how...
Supply List:
T shirt or Onesie
Iron on Interfacing
6x18 inch Piece of Fabric
Pattern 3mo-3T {Below}

Right click on the pattern and save to your computer to print.

Iron interfacing to wrong side of fabric.
Place pattern piece onto fabric and cut 2. Cut top into a small scoop or straight across.  This will depend on how you want the neck line to look.
Pin together tie pieces right sides together.

Stitch around entire outside edge of tie leaving a 1 inch section open for turning.
Turn right sides out, push out corners and press.  Ironing open edge to inside.  
Stitch from bottom of knot, around bottom of tie. Continuing up to the bottom of the knot on the opposing side. Do not sew across bottom of knot. (side to side)

 Take a small piece of interfacing and iron it to the inside of the t-shirt. In the center where the tie will go.
Place tie onto center of shirt.  Pin into place.  I use 2 or 3 pins to hold tie into place.
Stitch around knot of tie close to the edge. 

 All finished and ready for your little man to wear.  

Perfect for my little man.  Especially on these hot summer months.  

On a side note.  The flapping tie is great for a built in bib or face wipe in an emergency.  LOL.
Have a great week!!!
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