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Thursday, March 21, 2013

5 Easter Family Traditions for you Family

Free Time Frolics: 5 Easter Family Traditions for you Family
Do you have any family traditions for Easter??  Our family has a few but nothing set or exciting.  So I decided it was time to make some traditions.  I I have come up with 5 Easter Traditions that any family can adopt as there own.  They are easy to put together and can be inexpensive.

1. Easter Egg Derby
Start with an raw egg for every person. Decorate them how ever you like. Have everyone pick a number.
Set up as a bracket.  Using a large piece of cardboard, hold it in the shape of a half pipe. (If you have mad  carpentry skills you can make a half pip for the occasion)  Have numbers 1 & 2 hold there eggs in the center of the cardboard.  Count to three and release the eggs.  Which ever egg comes out intact moves to the next bracket. Use the Bracket to keep track.  The last egg standing is the winner.

2. Adult Easter Egg Hunt
I have a few friends that enjoy an Adult Easter Egg Hunt. I would love my parents to do this.  The concept is a basic Easter Egg hunt but instead of candy or toys the eggs are filled with money or gift cards.  There is one mega prize like a $50 bill and the others have smaller bills. Some day I hope to be able to do this for my children and their spouses a few years from now.

3. Easter basket treasure hunt
 In our house it has been a tradition for the Easter Bunny to hide our Easter Baskets.  That Darn Bunny has hid them in the Dishwasher, Dryer, Under sinks or in a food storage bucket.  But this year I am requesting the Easter Bunny send my kids on a treasure Hunt.  The basket will be hidden. An egg is left on the side of their bed.  That egg should have a clue to finding the basket but leading to the next clue.  Leave as many clues as you like. Here are some clue tags you can print and use.

4. Neighborhood Bunny Hop
Similar to the neighborhood ghost at Halloween.  Make a treat and bring your neighbors out to meet Spring.

5. Secret Easter Bunny + Printable

Think Secret Santa but less elaborate.  Just a little something to help out a family in need or a sweet surprise for a family you love.  Check out the link for your free printable.

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