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Friday, March 15, 2013

Secret Easter Bunny + Free Printable

Recently a few of my friends and I started talking about Family Easter Traditions.  Most of my family's are just the normal ones, Easter Baskets, Egg hunt, Nice Dinner.  I have been wanting to start some new ones.  I want my kids to associate certain holidays with their beliefs.   So I came up with the Secret Easter Bunny. Similar to a Secret Santa but an egg hunt of sorts. My kids can pick out some treats and dollar store toys and find joy in serving and helping others. Christmas only comes once a year, but many families need help year round. Or do it to surprise a family you know and love.

Start with a Easter basket of Bucket.  I got mine at Walmart for $1. If you know the family you are going to surprise buy a few treats or prizes that suit them. You could buy a gift card for the family or dollar store toys for each of the kids.  You can even write notes in the eggs with thing you like about the family. Fill a few eggs with Easter candies and have fun.

Here are some ideas you can put int he bucket:
gift card to a local ice cream or yogurt parlor
cake mix and frosting
glow sticks
cookie cutters
flower garden seeds
sidewalk chalk
gift card to anywhere
card games
Write thoughtful notes
money / coins

 Add this little printable to the empty bucket to be left on the door step.

Print as a 5x7 or click {Here} for 2 on one page.

Have your kids be super stealth Bunnies and hide all the eggs and toys in the yard. Once you are done leave the bucket and printable on the door, knock and run.  Who would not love to find a surprise Easter egg hunt. My kids would be on cloud nine if we found this at our door. Most of all have fun and do it as a family. Enjoy!

  I would love to hear how this turns out if you do it!

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