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Friday, March 29, 2013

Royal Design Studio Stencil Review & Closet Makeover

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These past few weeks have been crazy busy for me.  My kids have been out of school for spring break and that alone makes life crazy. I have had an itch to work on my closet.  It is crazy unorganized, dark and blah. It is huge and can fit 2 full sized mattresses end to end.  Let me also say “I am a blogger and I am unorganized”.  There I said it.  I may need an 8 step program or something.  I am a blogger and I am unorganized. My house is rarely tidy.  I have 4 kids and projects to do. Much more fun than walking around with a dish cloth in my hand all ..day…long. Bless those of you who do.  I am just not that type of person. I would like to be but not enough to give up what makes me happy!  So onto my unorganized closet… and a giveaway!

My closet was, well, out of control. The lights did not work.  Just cheap contactor lights. To many clothes. I have been hoarding them since I got pregnant  (3 years ago). You know wishing, hoping & praying that someday I would fit into them again. And a bunch of other things that don’t belong in a closet.  I just decided that it was time to purge the old stuff.  I was inspired by this E-book to get my fashion on. Here. And Royal Design Studio stencil to make my closet beautiful.
Here is a picture of my closet before. I had to use a flash due to a broken light fixture.
closet makeover
See how crazy it was!  I really needed an intervention. 
Royal Design Studio graciously sent me a Stencil to try out. They have tons of choices.  One for every style. You will get lost in all the patterns they have.  Here is the one I picked:
Casbah Trellis Moroccan Stencil from the Allover Moroccan Stencils Collection… I have been in love with this stencil for along time.  I love its simplicity. 
I started with painting my wall with an all over mint color from Lowes.  I used Lowes white for the stenciled color.  I used one of there sample cans for the white. I had plenty to spare.  It was delivered lighting fast.  Only 4 days and it was knocking at my door.  The stencil was much larger than I thought.  Which I was grateful for.  I had a big wall to cover!  It came rolled up in a large box ready to use.   The instruction sheet included was very helpful to me. It included tricks and information on using there stencils. I also checked out there  HowTo Stencil on there website.   The stencil was made of thick flexible plastic and was very light weight.  Definitely a quality product.  Made to be reused.
royal design studio stencil
I started along the top of wall and worked my way down and across. Matching up the edges.  I used painters tape to hang my stencil.  I wish I would have gotten the spray adhesive to hold my stencil on the wall.  It still turned out great but having the adhesive would have been nice. Isn’t this stencil beautiful.  This picture, taken from my phone,  it’s a little grainy. (Sorry)  I used a small rolling foam brush to roll on the stencil. Some places are lighter than others.  I love it that way.  It gives it a weathered look.  It is very subtle on the wall but packs a punch. Over all it was simple to use.  After each section I used a wet rag to wipe the back of the stencil for any residual paint. My stencil is still in great condition and ready to use again. Maybe another project in the future???
So here is my finished closet.  I am in love with the stencil.  At first you almost think its wallpaper.  Until you are up close.  I decided to go with an accessory wall. I had 2 matching frames made.  One for a mirror and one for a peg board to hold my necklaces. I also used a bathroom towel rod for my scarves and 2 cabinet knobs for hanging purses.
closet make over split
Isn’t it amazing?!  I cleaned out 3 garbage bags worth of clothing.  Got rid of the things that just don’t belong.  I got a new light fixture at Lowes.  Along with some wicked amazing daylight light bulbs 
closet makeover 2
closet makeover 3
For my bins I got them at Wal-Mart for $5 each.  I used my Silhouette to label the bins according to what  am keeping in them.  Just incase my husband decides to do laundry.  He will know where everything goes.
closet makeover 4
closet mirror
 necklace storage 
I love it so much I just want to sit on the floor of my closet and listen to music as I enjoy the beauty.  Here is my view from the floor!
closet makeover 5
So know its your turn!  Do you love my stencil wall??  Want to do it to your own walls?  Well Royal Studio Design is giving one away!!! Up to a $50 value {Squeal!!!}


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