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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reusable Pumpkin and other characters

Today's post is one I did for Eighteen 25 and there Spooktacular September.  Enjoy!

Do you ever buy those huge containers of food at Sam's Club or Costco?  Your kids eat the entire container and then you think, can use this for something or is it going to take up all the space in my garbage can.  Well today you can say I have a project for that big old container. Today I am going to show you how to reuse those empty containers into fun decor!

I started with an old cheese ball container.  You know the ones they sell at Sam's club, that your kids just love. Yeah those ones!
Let your kids eat those till they turn orange. Just think they could be Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween! Or you could use them as a treat for school or a party.
Clean out your container and remove the label from the front. If you get the label wet with hot water they will usually peel right off.  Make sure all the glue is off the container.  If not you could use a little adhesive remover (goof off)  to get it off.
Next paint your container.  I used Valspar copper colored paint for the container and green paint for the lid. Give it a good coat. Let dry.  Add one more coat.  Let dry.

While the paint is drying get your vinyl. You can buy vinyl for lots of places.  Joanns and Michaels carry a few colors.  I purchase mine at Vinyl Expressions.  The price is great and there shipping is lighting fast. Use the template here or create your own. Draw your face onto the back of your vinyl. Cut, Peel and stick.

You can add leaves or ribbon to the lid. Then use them to decorate your porch, tables or to put your Trick or Treat candy in.

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