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Thursday, February 20, 2014

My 5 Go To Freezer Meals Tips and Tricks

I love having dinner all done and ready to go.  But some days are better than others.  With 4 kids I am constantly on the go.  On those busy days I still want my kids to have a good, well balanced meal.  So that's when I turn to freezer meal.  I whip these yummy dishes up and throw them in the freezer.  I pull them out in the morning and they are ready to bake by evening.  Add a veggie and you are ready to go!

I love using freezer meals for all kinds of reasons. So today I am sharing my tips, tricks and recipes to make delicious meals straight from your freezer!

1. When using pasta, boil it halfway.  If you over boil your pasta it will be mushy.  Cooking it halfway starts the the process and baking later on will finish your pasta to the perfect consistency.  That's how restaurants to it. With Lasagna you don't even need to cook it.  Just layer in your pan and add a little water to your sauce.  Refrigerate  over night and bake. 

2. Blanch your veggies for a minute and start the process.  Or use frozen veggies in your recipes.  

3. Never freeze Potatoes.  If you do they will turn black.  You can try  blanching them but I use frozen potatoes or add them when I am ready to bake my meal. 

4. Freeze what you will eat.  Freezer meals are perfect for a newly married couple, college student or empty nesters.  I whip up a meal and divide it for multiple meals or lunches.  You can use smaller Ziploc bags or foil disposable pans from the dollar store for smaller servings.

5. Foods that should not be frozen: Cream Cheese, Gelatin, Fresh Potatoes and veggies,  If you have recipes with this ingredient be sure to add it when you are ready to bake.

Chicken and Pasta via Free Time Frolics Freezer meal #freezermeal

Sweet and Sour Meatballs via Free Time Frolics Freezer meal #Crockpot #freezermeal

 lasagna via Free Time Frolics Freezer meal #pastarecipe #freezermeal

Porcupine Meatballs Freezer Meal via Free Time Frolics #maindish #recipe

My last go to meal is Bear Creek Chili.  I make it up and freeze a portion of it for later.  I use it to make taco salads.  I just heat it up and add it to chips and lettuce. 


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