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Friday, February 28, 2014

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

I love cooking and baking in my Kitchen.  So today I though I would share a few of my favorite kitchen gadgets! Some of these I use everyday and others I only use occasionally but can't live with out them!  I feel like when I have the right tools I love being in the kitchen.  I mean who doesn't love cutting veggies with an awesome knife that cuts them like butter?  Am I Right?? 
1. A giant bowl and lid from Tupperware.  I love this bowl.  I use it to raise breads, make popcorn treats and cracker mixes.  The perfect size for parties!

2. Cookie scoops in 3 sizes.  I purchased mine from pampered chef. But you can get them anywhere.  I use these for cookies, cupcake and pancake batter, ice cream and scooping fruit.

3. The call this a mincer but I use it to cut homemade noodle for soup.  Its perfect!

4. Size adjusting rolling pin.  I just got mine for Christmas.  It rolls out the perfect thickness of cookies and pastries.  I absolutely love it! No more guessing.

5. Micro cooker from Pampered chef.  I have 2 in each size and I use them everyday.  I steam veggies, cook soup, melt chocolate and reheat sauces. They are wonderful and time saving!

6. Mix and Blend from Blendtec.  I have had this baby for about 7 years.  I make all my cookies, cakes, bread and whipped cream in this wonderful mixing machine.  Not to mention the blender is amazing.  I use it for apple sauce, smoothies (everyday) and for baking.  I could not live without my wonder machine!

7. Garlic Press- This little beauty if from Pampered chef, and though it only has one use, its perfect fpr pressing garlic and easy to clean up!

8. Mixing/ measuring bowl.  Another pampered chef product.  I love these bowls. They come in 2 sizes and I use at least one of them daily.  You can measure, mix and bake in this beauty.  Another pro is it comes with a lid for storage!

9. Komachi 2 Knives- I just got my set at Christmas time from Costco and I am wondering what I ever did without them.  They are wonderful knives. Especially the bread knife.  It cuts through bread like butter!

10. Pastry Cutter/ Chopper- This was one for the first kitchen gadgets I purchased after I was married. I remember my grandmother using hers to cut cinnamon rolls.  So I just had to have one.  I used it to cut breads and cookies and to scrape the leftovers off my counter.

11. Mixing bowl with lids- These are another Christmas time buy from Costco.  I love that they nest, for easy storage  and come with lids.  The colors are adorable and great for entertaining.

12. Blender bottle- We have a dozen of these babies for quick protein shakes, chocolate milk and the occasional flavored water.  But my new favorite use is mixing flour and water to thicken soups and gravies.  It is wonderful!

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