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Monday, January 21, 2013

Let's "Stick" together Valentine {Free Printable}

Let's Stick together Valentine

I found a large package of boxed stickers at the dollar store. My little girls loves stickers.  She sticks them wherever she can.  I thought they would make a great valentine for a preschool or kindergarten class. I made a cute printable to print and stick to the front of the box.  Or print and attach to glow sticks, pixie sticks, gum or those little sticky hands that kids love to get in the 25 cent machine.(I think they sell the sticky hands in bulk at a party store like Zurchers or Party city.)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wishing Wand Valentines

This year I am Wishing you a Happy Valentines day!!!

My little girl loves anything princess or fairies.  So this year I came up with Wishing Wand Valentines.  Inexpensive and easy to make, your little miss can personalize each wand.  The best part if this Valentine is after your little miss is done with her wishing wand she can use her wand as a pencil! So grab your supplies, make a wish  and whip up your Valentines the old fashion way in less than 30 minutes.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A "Tweet" Valentine {Free Printable}

With Valentines approaching I have been working on cute Valentines printables for all to share.
Here is another quick Valentine Printable just for you. Cute for any guy or gal, elderly neighbor,or class mate.  Print, Cut and pair with a "Sweet Tweet"

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reindeer Food

This post is from last year. It's an Oldie but a goodie.  Reindeer Food! You can whip up a quick batch of  reindeer food and use it as a neighbor gift or for your kids to give there friends for Christmas.  

In a bowl mix oatmeal and red and silver glitter.Or whatever you have.
Place a small amount in a bag.  ( I got my small baggies at the craft store in the bead section.)
 I usually add about 2 Tablespoons.
Add a bag topper. And staple to the top of your bag.  
All finished.
Have your kiddos sign the back and your finished. 
Super easy and fun for your kiddos to make and do.
This topper will print as a 4x6.

Be sure to check out my other printables for the home and holidays! Be sure to follow the Free Time Frolics Free Printables rules.  This keeps the free printables coming!

Monday, December 3, 2012

8 Maids of Milking

Thanks Holly and Nat for inviting me! I love this song!  I think this is one of the first songs I fell in love with as a kid at Christmas time. This was a bit of a challenge but here is what I came up with.

12 Days of Christmas_300

I thought it would be fun to have a quick and easy to go treat for Santa.  You know to go with his milk!

Here is what I did!!

Pringles can
card stock: Red & White
Gold and white glitter
Cookies or Cookie dough
Jug of Milk

Cover your Pringles can in red paper and tape or glue ends.

 I printed mine off on my printer.  After cutting your buckle and mustache, turn over to the white side of the paper, put a small amount of modge podge on both of them and sprinkle they with glitter.   Let it dry.

When dry use glue dots or glue to secure your belt, buckle and Mustache into place.

Add your tag and your all done!

Add a jug of milk and some cookies and you are ready to go. Santa will a have a little snack on the go!!

Want to make it a neighbor gift???  Instead of cookies, fill the the container with cookie dough and print off the poem.

To see the other 12 Days in the series click on the links below!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Rainbow Snow

I was thinking a few weeks ago with our first snow, it would be fun to have colored snow.  So Little Miss and I headed out to the store for spray bottles.  We came home and mixed each one with a few drops of food coloring and we were ready to go.

So Little Miss and I went out and made ourselves a Rainbow.

My kids had a blast with the colors.  They can't wait for it to snow again! Next time we will make a Snowman with my snowman kit.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Once there was a Snowman......Kit!

Well I am back again for another day of Corn Week.  Today we are going to talk Snow.  That's right snow. You might think I'm crazy but you are going to love this easy project.  Even the kids can get involved.

Everyone loves a snowman right??? When I was in college I had a snowman. His name was Winston. We had fun dressing him up and having him as our mascot.  As an adult I enjoy going out on a snowy day and building snowmen with my kids.  So a few years ago I came up with a fun little snowman kit. Complete with a corn cob pipe and a button nose.  I used them as my neighbor gift to my neighbors with kids. The key to my kit is to start planning now. So here is your supply list.

5x54 inch fleece or old scarf
Dowel knobs and Dowel (Size or dowel knob opening) for eyes
Large Button - You could also buy a carrot for the nose.
Rocks painted black for mouth. You could also use these for your eyes.
Hat- I like to use the 99 cent beanie hats at walmart
Corn on the cob (This is why we start now)

Corn Cob Pipe
Start with you corn on the cob.  Make sure to enjoy every bite. Thr butter, the salt every last yummy taste of summer. Once you have enjoyed your yummy delicious corn, cut your cobs into halves or thirds.

1.Trim off any access corn and leave your cobs out to dry.  It may take a few days.  You can also put them on low heat in your oven for several hours.You want them dry enough to drill holes in them. You can even dry them out and put them in a ziploc bag until you area ready to make them for Christmas.
2. When they are dry you will drill a hole in them, the same size as your dowels.
3. With a hot glue gun add a bit of glue in the drilled hole.
4.  Add your dowel and let dry.
5. Opt. You can spray your dowels with sealer.  This will help them last longer in a wet winter.

Eyes and Mouth
For the eyes and mouth have your kids gather some rocks from your yard. Wash them and  paint them black. Or buy some dowel knobs and dowels. Paint them black.  Either way your kids will love to collect rocks give them a bath and paint a shiny coat of paint on them. You can also pic up a bag of rocks from the dollar store.  They oftern have decorative rocks in black.  They are perfect for a snowman.

For your button nose you can buy a button or a carrot.  I am using a button that I am going to glue a dowel on the back so it stays in place on my snowman.

You can either use an old scarf or a long pieces fleece. 
Whatever you fancy.  I used fleece and cut the edges.  I had my kids sit and tie the ends into knots.  

I like to use the cheap beanies from Walmart.  But you could also make one out of foam or felt. For instructions on how to construct a hat See this post.

Add all your pieces to a fun little draw string bag or bucket.  Add the tag and you are ready to make a snowman. I added a vinyl face to my bucket or you could use iron on vinyl for a bag. No cutter needed just hand cut and apply. I love getting my vinyl here.   You can get all kinds and colors.  A lot or a little you choose.

A fun little addition would be to add hot cocoa or cider to your bucket or bag.

Right click each one and save to your computer.
Please remember to follow the rules of free printables. 
For more information please see my free printables page.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Little Unicorn

A few months ago my our family went to Lava Hot Springs for the day then off to Golden Corral. My kids were in heaven when they saw the buffet. What kid wouldn't love it.  The best part for them was the cotton candy.  After it was all gone the paper cone that the cotton candy was on became her unicorn horn.

My Little Miss is obsessed with Unicorns right now.  So I thought it would be fun to add a Unicorn to her dress up box. I also think it  would be fun to use it for Halloween.  So here is what I did.

Supply List:
Felt- 2 colors if doing the ears
needle and thread
Glue gun  & Glue sticks
Coordinating trim
Safety pin
a bit of stuffing
ribbon (Optional)
Horn Pattern (Here)

Cut the horn and ears according to pattern pieces. Cut 2 of each ear piece and attachments and 1 horn.

Layer ear pieces.  Large and 1 small.  Stitch a basting stitch along bottom of ears combining pieces.  Pull to gather and tie off. Set aside.

Roll your horn to make a cone shape. Over lap the edges and pin them together. Slip stitch the edges together.

Lightly fill with stuffing.

Pinch in half.  with stitched edge on the side. Slip stitch 1 inch section in the center.
Then bring sides into center and slip stitch closed. This will leave you a small pocket for the headband to thread through.

With your trim, start at the top and wrap it around your horn.  Stitch or glue it to the inside pocket at the bottom.

Slide horn onto the headband. 
Glue felt rectangles to headband. One on each side of the horn.
Glue horn into place.  I like to angle mine a bit.

To add ears, add some glue to the headband.  place ear on top of blue.  Then add a strip of glue to the front and back. Pull felt around the headband and onto the ears.

 Add trim around the ears.

Your Unicorn horn and ears are all done and ready for playing.

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